Friday, December 4, 2009

Amsterdam part deux

Hello again peoples, so I've safely arrived in Amsterdam,
taken the train and lived with my daddy in his hotel
in The Hague.
Yes hague. Like Plague wihtout the pl. haha.
Ahhh. Lovely hotel that one,
theyve got a massive clear bowl of Pepernoten
on the recption's desk.
For all of you who dont know what this is, it's a rounded
cookie baked from flour and tastes like cinnamon/nutmeg.
Pepernoten are usually associated with Christmas, or
the Dutch version of this festive holiday.. with Saint Nikolas
as santa and the naughty black pete's as Santa's helpers.

man, this was such a massive part of my childhood in PDO.
Aileen, do you remember our stockings being filled to the brim
with pepernoten and those weird maeshmallow-ey sweets?
Haha. Life was gooood.

And in a bit, we shall be taking the train to Paris :)
We'll be there for the 3days.. i think.
have i mentioned we'll be going to DISNEYLAND?
Haha. I may be old as, but disneyland still is my absolute
favourite place. ever. ever ever.
But yes, stay safe guys!
Have an awesome holiday xox.

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