Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tough Love♥

Physics trip to Rainbow's End today.
Roller coaster twice, and some other funny ride...
ended up throwing up.
Productive, no?

Neways, saw this dress online
and I swear I stopped breathing
for a short while, its so beautiful :]

My, where have you been all my life?
I'm lusting after the entire Stylestalker
S/S 2010 collection, Midnight.
I would describe their pieces as electic, dressy yet versatile.
Go check it out!

Online store : STYLESTALKER

Monday, March 29, 2010

Penny for your thoughts.

Since end Feb, I've been M.I.A. thanks to Malaysian group.
Ha. But its okaaaaay!
Cause all of us, well all of us minus Peaty,Sam and Nu,
had a much needed catch-up sesh/shopping feist todaaay. lol
(Cornwall Park School Fair.)

So my day started at 9.45..
And what do I wake up to?
Emily's frantic knocking at my door lol.
Cause I was supposed to be up at 9.30
waiting for her... (wince.)
I slide open my window, slurring
"zzzEmilyzz I justzz woke up." (pathetic smile follows.)
tread downstairs and open the door ever so slighty.
"But I'm in my jammies emily!" I protest.
-sigh, okay.-
so STOMPSTOMPSTOMP goes emily into my room.
"emily i'm tired. i hate you. you woke me up."
-sigh okay.-

So two minutes and no breakfast for Debbie later,
we were off.
"You know I hate you Em."
"Its okay cause you'll be saying you love me when we get there."
And we waited in eager anticipation for the hall doors to
be opened along with the other 500 people in the queue..
Gawd, what is it with people and clothes for under $10??
So yes. The doors did finally open and it was like a rampage.
But thats what you expect when there's a SCHOOL HALL FULL
So yes. Grabbed 2 blazers, a brand new NZ musicmonth
top for $15.
So regret not buying the waffle knit sweather.
When I went back for it, it was goooone.
=___= damn you, hobo!
And Emi got 2 vests and 2 tops for..
Arent school fairs amazzzzing?
(And I will totally steal that black lace vest off you.)

And we got FUDGE, russian fudge.
Ahhh. so heavenly. Although it was a little too vanilla-y.
And chocolate fudge.
And sushi. Yum ;)
And spring rolls.
And hot chips upon my insistence!
oh yeah. And a communal Sprite that
had to go 5 ways. lol poor Annabel.

And Jessi got the MEANEST soft toys..
massive happy feet thing. and like a cuddlebuddy
killer whale. and a fat cat (which was of course the highlight.)
for $7 :]
And then we got awesome beaded bracelets YAY!
so cute, so elementary school. and they were 3 for $1.
And I swear my orange one has an Ikea bead.
Ah, childhood memories flood back.
Good on you, little girl who made my bracelet!

Then everyone came back to my house and crashed.
And apparently I'm an Asian mum in training
cause I tried to stuff everyone with food.
"Would you like some doritos?"
"No, we'll tell you when we're hungry."
"Okay. But seriously, would you like some doritos?
or how bout some asian candy? Ice cream? No? oh. okay."
And Jessi fell in love with PATD all over again after seeing
my box set. Now I feel horrid for
showing it such little looooove.

So Yes. Awesome day.
Plus photos..!


1. Emi, Annie :) my beautifuls.
2. Emi jumps. Annie's epic photo-bombing skills. :D
And yes, there are more photos..
I just cant be bothered uploading them. heh.
But picture 2 was the pic of the day.
Still cant stop cracking up everytime we see it ;D
they're on my FB page if you insist on seeing them.
All photos taken with(or by) Stanley, my Canon EOS 500D. :3

Sunday, March 28, 2010

my two cents worth.

Oh Chicago was on Sky Movies Greats today.
But I JUST missed it. :(
Oh well, it'll be showing next Saturday 3.00
as well me thinks.
:] c-c-chicago.
Cause it just doesnt get better than Velma kelly.

Neways, productive funfunFUN day today!
More about it some other time.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Never before in my life have I ever been
this ashamed of myself.

So there was this concert held by the people from
SADD (students against drunk driving) and me and jessi
went to have a look-see.
But by the door there was this smallish-built older guy,
with a bit of a limp, scars across his face and little backpack.
and my first thought was "creep. whats he doing in our school."
After it ended, we walked out towards from the main entrance
towards our classes, but we got distracted by a mini-expo
at the foyer basically about the perils of drunk driving, etc.

Then what struck my attention was a large board of pictures,
starting off with a typical healthy young guy, obviosuly loved
by many, doing the haka, palying rugby with mates,
family portraits in which everyone's smiling.
But then,
the next series of photos were of a car that had crashed
into a tree, it was so badly damaged, that it was beyond recognition.
From these photos, you could see dismembered bodies from beyond
the wreckage of the car.

Underneath the board, there was a caption saying
[name of man who was featured in photos above]
was drunk, driving two other people in the car,
and got into an accident. He was the only survivor,
but suffers the effects until today.
Then I realised that the man in the photos was
actually the very man I saw in the doorway
who I so blatantly labelled 'creep'.
And I felt soooo bad.

Then Saankhya came running up towards him
and was like
"Are you the one who gave the speech just now?"
When he nodded, she took both his hands in hers
and said "You take care now."

I was so moved by this,
and what made it even worse was when he turned around
to acknowledge me and jessi and gave us the most sincere smile.
I just thought "I did not deserve that."
And I cried.

Its times like these that make you appreciate life for what it is.
It made me feel so ashamed of myself cause, here's this guy thats
owning up and taking the blame for what he's done,
facing the guilt every day for whats he's done,
and he's trying to change his life for the better,
and I'm mentally putting him down.
I had no right whatsoever to do so,
and in doing so, I have to live with the consience
of discriminating a stranger even before I've met them,
to live with the guilt of refusing to get to know someone
before judging them.

For this I am truly sorry.
Im also terribly apologetic about the fact that I didnt
learn your name.
But, thank you for teaching me such a significant lesson today
and giving me the chance to change my ways,
despite what I did.
Your courage to face up to what you've done is unmatched
And to you, best luck for the future.
Hopefully you'll meet more people like Saankhya,
and hopefully I'll see you again someday just
to say how sorry I am, and to truly thank you
for your smile today.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

and now, the battle is won.

Sorry for being away so long..
Been busybusybusy, and as of late,
sicksicksick. Ugh.
But yes, its been a pretty productive hiatus, here's some of
the things i've conquered and done :
-Managed to recruit more than 2 gym buddies.
-FiaFia Night; makeup&food.
-Polyfest; makeup.
-AliceInWonderland. in 3D! :]
- LadyGagaConcert. which was fucking.awesome.
-Bought stuff from MAC's spring forecast colour 3 range :)
-Dinner(s) with Clifton and his parentals.
-Getting over how much I hate my job.
-6 personal training sessions. And counting.
Man, if I dont get guns by the end of the week,
I'll tae-bo James' ass. Haha. naaah.

Umm yeah.
Thats about it really.
There's still a lot I havent done..
-narrows eyes at 2 page Chem homework-
And I have to come up with an art design proposal.. VERYSOON.
No idea what I'm going to do.. ... ....
Would like to promote an indie film, but then
that means either capturing my own stills,
or breaching someone's copyright. GRR.
Or designing for a makeup line.
but then imma have to go find a good model..
and steal Rach's Nikon D80. ;]

Still pretty keeeeeeeen on the latter though. Dont know
how hard it will turn out to be... Cause I'm really not keen
on swapping projects once I've started.
I think I should talk to Ann/Rhye/Jules about this...
Come to think of it, maybe I should do a vintage boutique or smth?
Hmmm. Will consult Miss Murphy.

But yes.
Anita thinks I use the words 'perve' and 'porn' too much.
I beg to differ, I truly do!
But anyway, without further ado, here's some fashion
PORN for you to PERVE at.


Image source :♥lookbook

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You'll bore from reading this, I assure you.

I think I need to go to Rehab for implusive spending.
I've JUST realised that I've managed to spend hundreds
on just clothes.. and it was only in a span of 3 days.
Next week I'll probs get paid my $150 from the school..
and I'm not looking forward to it cause I'll probs end
up spending it all in one go ;X
-I tried the not bringing my EftPos out with me trick..
It doesnt work.-

But some of that money spent was well worth it..
Its going towards a MASSIVE parcel thingy
I'm posting out to my girl Helena.. cause I've been
REALLY REALLY naughty and not replied her
mail since last Sept maybe?
:X again.. SO SORRY!
I hope this makes up for that.. heh.
I would put up pics of the two of us..
but the only ones I have atm are of us during our
stage. so NO. not keen on letting you guys see
what an uglywugly kiddo I was.
Ugg. shudder. HA.

Sorrry. This post was VERY pointless.
I'm just bored.
And procrastinating...
Physics test tomorrow EGADS.
AND OH! Polyfest in a week-ish.
Cant decide if its a good thing or no.
Last year was extremely fun but I have a feeling
this year isnt going to be the saaaaaaaaame...
A woman's gut instict.

Friday, March 5, 2010



Paramore concert at Vector yesterday..
and I wasnt in the crowd :(
so sad.
The tix sold out in like 4 minutes or smth..
and although they released 78 new ones 2 days
before the show, I just didnt have the moolah.
GRR. Damn you Country Road!

But I can only imagine how amaaazing they must have been.
Jealous of you guys who went.
(narrows eyes at Ann and Ashley. lol.)
Hope you guys had an AWESOME time though,
gimme a full report sometime?
Yes. Infatuation.

And on another note,
I'll be at Lady Gaga next Sunday ;D
Hells yeah.
(with my dad. have i mentioned? xD)