Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The sex.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go


Makes me wonder...

bad romance

Chanel, Balenciaga, Balmain, Loboutin AND Lady Gaga?!
Polyvore is life.
Life is Polyvore :)
and ah, me George and Sharon are going to Parachute 2011
together, YAY! :)
I love those girls more than words can say.. and though its
like in a year, i shall be looking forward to living with
those 2 crazy kids for 3 days, amidst
amazing bands&people.
Though not so keen about Sharon's driving skills..
will I reach home in one piece? ;P

I simply cannot do it, alone.

Quoting the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones
as Velma Kelly in Chicago, I honestly can't
do it alone. Any more.
I'm cracking under all this pressure.

Malaysian Group used to be my pride and joy,
its like something priceless in which everyone
involved had special ties with each other,
unbreakable bonds formed over hours and hours
of tireless practice..
But it seems like I've broken this tradition.

In my so-far short stint at being the leader of this
wonderful group of girls, I've already managed to
upset many people who were once faithful followers
but have now turned their backs on us,
and this is my fault.
Im sorry.
I honestly am doing my very best, and I'm absolutely
sure you have no idea how much I'm bringing to the plate,
and yet you blame me for unappreciating you over the one
task I've delegated to you.
You blame me for being callous and disorganised,
but behind the scenes, I am the one working, staying up
late worrying about whether we will fundraise enough
money to cover our large expenditure this year,worrying about
worrying whether our fundraising will even be profitable at all
given the nasty Auckland weather and ever growing
number of new cultural groups in EGGS, worrying whether
we will have a polised dance to perform in 2.5 weeks in front
of hundreds or end up disapponting, worrying about how
to please our less than easy to please teacher-in-charge.
You guys have driven her to a point where she's considered quitting.
This is NOT an exaggeration.
I'm not saying this just to back myself up.

Miss Druitt, bless her soul,
has been more than understanding about this,
not even pinning any blame on anyone as she
could easily have done.
I'm sorry that you guys made up the decision to leave
the group, but after talking to some others,
we have all agreed that this is the best way to
go about it seeing as you refuse to let go.

So thank you especially to
Caitie Cissy and Cleo for supporting me
when she was so inconsiderate to me,
thank you for putting up a fair argument with her.
And last but not least, Thank you Miss Druitt
for never failing to believe in me, and for not
doubting me. ever. Thank you also for checking up
on me in the evening just to make sure I was okay.
I really appreciate your fairness but no-nonsense attitude
which helped sort this out once and for all.

And now I guess, everything's back to normal.
Firendship ties were broken, but as Miss Druitt would say,
this brings the true standout personalities in your committee
closer together. :)

and cause I'm immature and stubborn...
we've found your replacement already. :P
and this girl is more than ready to prove herself
to us, and is already warmly welcomed by all 11 committee members.
So take that.
Resilience, baby.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ze playlist.

I havent been updating my iPod in a loooong
while, but here's currently my most played playlist thing.

1. LITTLE SECRETS by Passion Pit
2. INFINITY 2008 by Guru Josh Project
3. KING OF THE RODEO by Kings Of Leon
4. DOWN RIVER by The Temper Trap
5. SWEET DISPOSITION by The Temper Trap
6.LEVEL by The Raconteurs
9. FIREFLIES by Owl City
12. LOVE LONG DISTANCE by The Gossip
13. FROM DUSK TILL DAWN by Ladyhawke
14. F**K YOU by Lily Allen
15. DAY AND NIGHT by Kid Cudi
16. WHO I AM by Nick Jonas and The Administration
17. SMOOTH (COVER) by Escape The Fate

* yes. I am EMBARRASSED by the fact Nick Jonas made it onto
this lisssssst... but he's not half bad.
i just dont like the other two Jonas-es.

And oh also, If I may cheat, I would LOVE to put down
ALL the songs from the album The Resistance by Muse.
Its been my go-to album ever since I bought it last Sept.
ahhh. you can always count on those boys.
But seriously though, if any of you out there havent heard
much of Muse's older stuff, then this album is a pretty good
wrap up of Muses' style.
Although not as much as before, heavy bass lines were present
throughout most songs, with brilliant guitar riffs, piano solos
and OF COURSE, Muse's trademark synthesized pitch-changing effects.
But this is certainly one of the BEST Muse albums out there
that I own so far, that is.. haha.
or me and marbert and emi will hunt you down!!

and oh, p.p.p.s.
The Raconteurs are an amazing new-ISH band to look out for.
After hearing the song i was like "ASDFGHJKL;' CLEO!
Cleo: "yeah i know. Level's the best song."
Debbie, blasting it on youtube and air guitaring: "Yeaaah."
Cleo: "and oh jack white's in it btw."
Debbie, still air guitaring and not really listening to Cleo: "Oh cool.."
Then 3 seconds later Debbie goes..
Cleo: +___+

.. and is it just me, or are Matt and Dom scarily alike and
kinda anorexic for people their age?


Just been blog-hopping lately,
and im sorry most of you for not
going on your blogs for sooo long.
I assure you, this will change! haha
and so when i came across Aileen's blog,
she mentioned that she gets all her
'jogging music' from the stuff i recommend here.
HAHA! thanks Aileen, I appreciate it :)
I'll put up lyrics and stuff more regularly just for you :)

Happy CNY to you, and your lovely family btw.
It was such a shame i didnt get to see you
last Christmas :(
Hope to see you soon yeah? and take care my dear.

Visit Aileen's blog HERE.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

short and sweet.


Been feeling shutterbuggy these few days,
so Ive been taking Stanley around quite a lot.
But which also means I now need a new
8GB memory card. -___-
Why is it always a lose-lose situation for Debbie?

Photos of funfunfun Friday night at Annabel's and Athletics Day 1
will be up soon! :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why must all good things come to an end?

If you havent heard, Lee (Alexander) McQueen
passed away on the 11th Febuary this year.
It has been revealed that he committed suicide,
simply days after his elderly mother passed away.

Alexander McQueen is probably the most raved about
fashion designer of the Noughties, every thing about his
collections scream originality, haute haute haute couture.
there is no denying this guy had talent.
I mean. come on. Noone but him could make a runway show
THAT worth waiting with bated breath for.
Every single one of his creations were exquisite, breathtaking.
Here are my favourite A McQueen collections/pieces.

Does everyone remember all the rage with his skull scarves
around end 2006?
My, those things were AMAZING.
I absolutely fell in love with then when they came out.
Ugg. Minus the price of course.
So I got a cheap knockoff.. which I still wear.. with GUILT.
In those days, I swear everyone owned a McQueen scarf, and
these cult scarves will never get old.
Till today, the scarves are classic McQueen.
Although McQueen scarves are now a sign of conformity,
these two seem to never get the concept wrong.
Nicole Richie, A. McQueen Skull Scarf.
Mary-kate Olsen, A. McQueen Skull scarf.

Then remember the CRAZY lace cutout dress Drew Barrymore
wore last year to her movie premiere for Whip It?
(Straight off the runway.)

Doesnt she look splendid?
(Ups to Drew for dress choice, AND the Chanel nail colour.
Both in season at the time. But minus the racoon hair.)
Just look at the lace pattern.
Mind boggling I tell you.

And last but not least,
A McQueen's S/S 2010 Collection : PLATO'S ATLANTIS.
Dayum this collection was sizzling.
It took fashion to futuristic new heights,
his new collection inspired by the idea of ecological
breakdown in the future, and how humankind would then
be morphed into armour-headed breeds of sea mosters.
Well if that was the plan, I'd gladly be usurped
into this day and age just to get my hands on some of
that disgustingly amazing Couture.
And also, who could forget it when Lady Gaga hyped up the
phenomenon even more by donning at least 4 outfits from the
entire runway collection in the video of her undeniably catchy
new single, Bad Romance.

At least we still have these amazing photos to look back on,
to prove that we were a part of the time when fashion changed its
course for good.
Alexander McQueen was the future of fashion, and now
he will go down in history.

Of superstition and prosperity.


Happy Chinese New Year, all.
Wishing you all a prosperous New Year,
and hope you're having more fun than me..
Cause noone celebrates the New Year here.
But at least I learnt to GAMBLE! play mahjong.

You know I really want to be back in Miri with
you guys having a blast like we did last year. but sigh.
Damned Chinese leap year, it would be impossible for me to leave
at this time.
Just know that I miss you guys veryveryvery much...
And I'm terribly envious of the fun you guys will have
on our annual outings. ;(
And although i might not get to see everyone together
again after this year, I really do hope we have another
New Year together.
Neways, have an amazing year of the TIGEEEER..
and dont forget...

恭禧發財, 紅包拿來!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Change, change, change.

Change - The Young Veins
She was acting pretty, thought she owned the city
Someone should have told her that pretty ain't a job
Now she begs for money, no one calls her "Honey"
As she bothers shoppers in the parking lot.

Gets her karma with a catch
Forget superstition by wearing it backwards
Lives under ladders and sleeps with black cats
Some people never change, they just stay the same way

I swear like a sailor, love is not a flavor
I find it's just a concept that we live inside
And if you can agree with me and Mr. Twain
In matters of opinion, our rivals are insane

Forget superstition by wearing it backwards
Lives under ladders and sleeps with black cats
Some people never change, they just stay the same way
Change change change.

When this song first came out, I was convinced it
would be a flop, and a bad move.
But I must say not long after I found myself
humming along to its Seargent Peppers-esque
preppy tune.
And now I absolutely LOVE IT :)
Staying true to the spirit of Pretty. Odd. ,
I reckon Ryan and Jon are doing pretty well on their own.
Ry's voice, although rather pitchy and thin,
is PERFECT for these songs and his singing ability
was always overshadowed by Bren's deep sultry crooning.
But tbh, Im still Team Panic. heh.
YouTube and enjoy it, people.

pish posh.

Hit the gym today for the first time since Fri..
sorrrrry Cityfitness.
And dayum I hate the fact that I seem to have
deteriorated in terms of stamina
cause I just glanced at the treadmill today,
and practically fainted.
So my usual 15 minute run was probably out of the questiooon..
And even worse, having your trainer that you've been
trying to avoid for so long finally catch up to you
and see you exercising on the least challenging
piece of equipment in the gym..
Dont lie James. I saw that look on your face.
(He's going to torture me again next Monday. shit.)

But yes, before this self inflicted torture,
I took Eden down to Newmarket to show her around,
so she could walk down by herself next time
if she needed anything important.
And haaaah!
Guess who we saw on the side of the road by the electricity generator,
holding a King size bar of Cadbury's Black Forest..
Yes, Rhys.
Last year, me and Shanay were walking to the dairy while discovering
him in the exact same place, at the exact same time..
also with a King sized Cadbury's Black Forest.
Lol does anyone spot a pattern here?
Or maybe I'm just weird cause I pick people up
off the side of the streets and start talking animatedly to them
and then eat their food. :D
He prattled on as usual and Eden, whos only met him for the first time,
thought he was on drugs.
But then again, whats new? haha.
Oh well. At least now I can give him his postcard on Friday.

Okay. back to Eden.
Neways, I managed to convince her to buy some food to take
back to her room in the hostel, seeing as they serve food that
probably (how do I put this nicely) isn't to her normal fancy.
hem hem.
So yes, now she has some snacks that can keep her going till
nighttime I guess.
Poor thing. :(
Its like I want to help, but I dont know how to.
At least she's going to live with her Aunt this weekend for the
New Year, and there she'll be looked after properly.
To Premjit, Scott, Shelly Belly and all those people back home,
yes I'm taking good care of her. I think. loool. :)
She's fitting in just fine, arent you Eden?

Nothing to do here for the New Year.
This sucks.
Video call me someone?
By the way Scott, please say Hi and Happy CNY to
Miss Lim for me. :)
Thanks dude.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I talk to myself. A lot.

Bleh bleh.
My social life is just nonexistent atm
cause there's soooooo much to dooooooo!
Ughhhh. The only free time I get, I spend
it tending my jalapeno pepper and cabbage plant(s)..
Lol. Sad I know.
But hey, its like free salad.
Which is a-ok to me.
So atm I have ONE jalapeno that should be ready in 3 weeks.
Its soooooo cute!
Yes, small things amuse small minds.


Neways, seeing these photos make me want to
take Stanley out into the outside world a little more.
For those of you who dont know, no, Stanley isnt
my little cousin who I keep captive in my wardrobe,
but my shmexxxxxay, sort of neglected as of late
Canon DSLR.
We used to have such good times.
Ugggg. Wish I was in picturesque Europe agaaaaain.
There's nothing exciting to capture here..
Or at least I dont do anything exciting anymore that
makes me wanna take photos.
Thats not actually an excuse is it?
heh. Sorry Stanleeeey!
I'll put you to some good use pretty soon, I promise.
And yes. I do name all of my personal belongings even if
they are inanimate objects. But please dont say that in front
of Demetrius, the iPod, cause I think that it would hurt his feelings.

I cant remember what object I used to call Lionel.
I'm sure it will come to me someday.
And oh, if you're wondering why they're all boys names,
well.. I dont know. Its just the way i ro-o-o-o-o-o-oll.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winter had better come soon.


Lookbook is one of my many new obsessions atm. haha
And sigh. If only all men dressed this way..
I love how understated his look is, and damn.
Throw that on a girl and she'd look equally good.
Ah, the magic of androgyny ♥
(and Zara Mens. lol)

Friday, February 5, 2010


Also, season finale of Glee today.
:( sadsadsadsadsad.
Wish we had a cool drama club with the likes
of Kurt and Mercedes. Pregnant cheerleader,
not so much.


Season 2?

Life and times.

Aside from a massive 15 cm in diameter bruise on my knee
and not being able to sneeze lest I strain my aching muscles any further,
I am well :D
Just started Year 13 two days ago, and its going so far so good.
But then again. it is only day two....
Procrastination only starts to kick in after the exciting shit
is over and done with.

Speaking of exciting shit,
our group is yet again going to Polyfest this year.
Hip Hoorah :)
And I have Miss Druitt's mobile number on my phone.
How.... odd. But she's fantastic and at least now I dont have
to go on a massive manhunt around the school for her anymore :)
And also, now I FINALLY am at that stage where I can have
a decent conversation with Racheal.
Always knew her as 'That girl who lives on my road and is my
good friend's friend but I have no guts to talk to her even though
she looks awesometastically cool and says Hi to me sometimes."
And cool she is.
I mean, DAYUM. This year was her 3rd at Parachute.
ugh jealous.

School. school. school.
My head is too consumed with these thoughts to blog
about anything else.
Dull I know, and Im sorry. haha
But my school is truly a wonderful place.
Especially if you have Mr Lloyd as your Calculus teacher,
and he still remembers you from Year10 because you still sit
in the same seat, but have changed your glasses, which he has also
noticed and pointed out.

And I would continue about our free periods and sheeeet
in which we are allowed to waste our valuable time
sipping tea out of porcelain mugs in a quaint little cafe along
Nuffield Street in..... ..
But my back is aching from doing 60 weight-thingama-blobbins
on the Swiss Ball, and from sitting here for too long.
So until next time. :)

And stay fit, people!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Hey so I think im getting the blogging bug again,
and I do so apologise for taking such a long break
from my blog, but it was time that I realised that I should just
like my life as it is, and not behind a 17 inch computer screen,
dwelling on the past.

It also gave me some well needed time to find myself,
and question whether I've/I am going down the right path
at this time of my life.
I've realised that I've been extremely reclusive these last few months,
and for those that know me, I've been extremely grumpy and distant.
Inside, all I felt was lost.
Again, I apologise.

Last year was one of the stages in my life in which I just thought
"Stop. Take a second and think. What the hell are you doing to yourself?"
I didnt like who I was becoming, I didnt like who I had become.
Being so critical of the change I knew I was undergoing also gave
me allowance to rethink some of the destructive relationships in that stage
of my life, and finally say "To hell with it, I can't always try to make
everyone else happy at my own expense."

Through this process, I may have lost a few friends, but this is exactly
what I needed to turn my life around.
And also on this journey, I think I've finally found the people
who really appreciate me for who I am, the people who truly care for me.
If you know me well, I'm one who bottles up my emotions, cause this is
what I've been taught to do my whole life:
Lock everyone out, and you will never be hurt.
But now I realise, that there are those out there that I can count on
for whatever, and you guys did help me pull through those dark periods.
You all know who you are, and for you I am extremely thankful.
Its nearly like I've found my purpose in life, and its all thanks to you.

2010 will hopefully be a year of fresh starts and better judgements.
2010 will also hopefully make me a better person.
Wish me luck. :)