Sunday, February 7, 2010

I talk to myself. A lot.

Bleh bleh.
My social life is just nonexistent atm
cause there's soooooo much to dooooooo!
Ughhhh. The only free time I get, I spend
it tending my jalapeno pepper and cabbage plant(s)..
Lol. Sad I know.
But hey, its like free salad.
Which is a-ok to me.
So atm I have ONE jalapeno that should be ready in 3 weeks.
Its soooooo cute!
Yes, small things amuse small minds.


Neways, seeing these photos make me want to
take Stanley out into the outside world a little more.
For those of you who dont know, no, Stanley isnt
my little cousin who I keep captive in my wardrobe,
but my shmexxxxxay, sort of neglected as of late
Canon DSLR.
We used to have such good times.
Ugggg. Wish I was in picturesque Europe agaaaaain.
There's nothing exciting to capture here..
Or at least I dont do anything exciting anymore that
makes me wanna take photos.
Thats not actually an excuse is it?
heh. Sorry Stanleeeey!
I'll put you to some good use pretty soon, I promise.
And yes. I do name all of my personal belongings even if
they are inanimate objects. But please dont say that in front
of Demetrius, the iPod, cause I think that it would hurt his feelings.

I cant remember what object I used to call Lionel.
I'm sure it will come to me someday.
And oh, if you're wondering why they're all boys names,
well.. I dont know. Its just the way i ro-o-o-o-o-o-oll.

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