Monday, June 28, 2010

Hello Kiddums!
Year 13 Ball was splendid, though the theme of Arabian Nights is hardly original.
Such a great atmosphere :)
And they played MYSONG! hohohoho.

Girls L-R: Sam, Jessi, Amber, Emi, Debbie, Nu, Annie, Gabby
Guys L-R: Marbert, Shane, Eugene, Jake (koff. asshole. koff. pardon me. just clearing my throat)

But yes, I fully cvan't belive this is our last Epsom ball. Ever.
I couldn't imagine better people to spend my night with,
and you girls should know how much I love you,
cause without you, my EGGS experience just wouldn't be the same.
I would state why I love each and everyone of you,
but I'd run out of space. (and time.) haha.
Here's to the near future and hopefully staying as close as we are now :)
and lol. Shane, you are so FUNNY! Good job at snagging the right one, Amber! :D

Also, special shoutout to this bunch.
You two are the cutest little things I will ever meet! :D
(sorry for the overexposed photo. I think my camera got a little too excited.)
Thanks for all the laughs, and great times we've had and will still have.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Balls of all kinds.

Year 13 Ball in a few hours!
Oh wait, I'm not excited. Yet.
Maybe it's cause I'm not going through the notion of getting hair, makeup and nails done?
I dont know, I just dont see the point in paying for all that bull when I can
just do it at home.. I guess you can't say I'm crap at it.. but still..
No need to go the whole nine yards.
But yes, Excited for the preball and afterball! hehe ;]
Only wish that Peaty would come to the ball though, we'll miss you stubborn child. :)
But oooooh. Excited to see everyone looking dapper tonight!
Wonder how Rach's tanline coverage is going TEEHEE.
awkward times make me laughhhhhhhhhhh.
And I'll remember to tense when I wave.
Also, the marks that you left on my left arm when you punched me
yesterday are still there. HOHOHO.
I think it adds to it really.
Purple dress, black shoes, black and blue arm?? :D

Alright. Off to get some food.
See you tonight, peeps!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ann Chan The Man.

This one's dedicated to Ann♥♥

AH, I love you so much!
Let me count the ways.
I love you cause you always make me laugh cause you're so confused, ALWAYS :]
I love you cause you make co-corricular activities cool sine 2008.
I love you cause you have kick ass jewelry (rings.)
I love you cause you don't care what other people think about you.
I love you cause you're so selfless
I love you cause your guitar skills are like ZINNNG!
I love you cause you have an awesome music taste
I love you cause you have made Malaysian group what it is today
I love you cause you friggin write essay-cards
I love you cause you always have a warm inviting smile on your face
I love you cause you have the coolest style (You = OMG SKINNY JEANNNS. lol.)
I love you cause you drink WAAAAAAAAY too much caffeine
I love you cause you let me sleep over; eat 3 meals at your place. HOHO.
I love you cause youre so protective of us
I love you cause you think we're cool. But we're not. Seriously.

I think you're cool ANN!
And I miss you.
Yes. you may do that little Ann laugh.
But yes. Come visit me soon.
Or you will suffer dire consequences.
Also, I'm sorry for not texting you in eons. :(
I'm a bad friend, I know.
Bring It On Finals are on 14/8 I thinkk...
Which is the Saturday of Chinese Extrav.. BUT NOT TO WORRY!
Helen and Wenzin are excellent leaders, so there will be Extrav on Sunday too!
So you can go to BIO and the Extravvvvv! :)
Yes. Please visit me every Monday.
I have so many frees, its not even funny.
Well it is to me, cause I can laugh at other school-going people.
Anyway, enough about me.
We MUST go to Paramore this timeee ;)
and I wouldn't mind if you bought my ticket. ;P
OH. We have a Bring It On fundraiser next Thursday night!
I'll text you the deets. Hope to see you there!
We might get Jay Williams to s-s-s-s-sing. woopwooop!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

smells like teen spirit

Magic is brewing, from the looks of it! ;]
Panic! At The Disco (or whats left of it) is back in business.
(yes, they've readopted the exclamation mark. Ryan - you party pooper.)
I don't know why, but they still get me so excited.
Nothing's gonna beat A Fever You Can't Sweat Out
that's for sure, but I'm extremely keen for this album
to hear the promising things Brendon & Spencer have to offer.
You've kept us waiting for long enough, now hurry up and release your albummm!

P.S. The Young Veins (Ryan and Jon, ex-P!ATD) are finishing up their album too and going on tour soon. Can't wait to hear from those guys either.
P.P.S. PARAMORE are coming back to Auckland!!! WOOP. Missed out on tickets in March,but I sure as heck will get my tickets this time. :] Please don't come in some awkward school time like mock exams in September, cause that would just be uncool.
P.P.P.S I meant for this post to be short, but uhhh.. look what its evolved into. Heh. Blondie are coming to toooooown! I'd love to go, but they're only gonna be here in January or smth.. which is travelling time for Debbie. They'll be sharing the stage with some other band too,so that'll be pretty choice. (Has news of the other band been released yet?
I've heard zilch.)
P.P.P.P.S. Wow I'm on a roll. Bon Jovi's coming to Auckland tooooo!

Okay I'll stop now.
(30 seconds to mars concert in august, anyone?)
Lol. Listening to old PATD albums now while waiting!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Macarena, anybody?

Being sick gets me down..
and its also very disheartening when you find out
that you get the same symptoms/same sort of flu
at least thrice a year.
How boring.
I mean, If I should be sick at all, why not make it something exciting?
Actually, maybe having variations of the Flu is not such a great idea...
Oh well. Better sick now then during the ball.

I thought I'd share one of my many passions with you people,
my MAC lipstick collection.

Brave (Permanent Range)
Dream (Limited Edition)
Trimming Talk (Limited Edition)
Sweet Thing (Limited Edition)
M.A.C. Red (Permanent Range)
Hang Up (Limited Edition)

Viva Glams:
Viva Glam Gaga
Viva Glam Cyndi

Brave: Nude cream lipstick. Its the exact same shade as my lips..
Probably should've taken that into consideration before I bought it, but its extremely
versatile, as one would expect of a nude lipstick, and you can dress it up or down with
different coloured glosses for different looks. Hence one I use quite often :)

Dream: A frosted baby pink lipstick. Extremely pretty, and reminds me of cotton candy.
Its perfectly new cause I think the shimmeriness intimidates me a little. (A LOT)
Lol. But its soooo pretty. I would imagine someone wearing this out at night,
with rather blase eye makeup.. so yeah. Not very ME at all... But its
a beautiful shade. And it came with a matching lipliner and Dazzleglass to complete
a frosty pink lip. Imma go on a mission to find when I can pull off this look. lol.

Trimming Talk: Bright fuschia. Need I say more? Statement lipstick, this one. Its like Barbie on crack! Semi cream except for its few specks of shimmer, I levitate towards
Trimming Talk for nights out, simply because its so flattering and also cause its
so opaque - spares you the hassle of lipliner. Wore this to the ball last year, and
sort of regret it. I mean come on. What was I thinking? Turqouise and fuschia?
But it photographed well... so yes. Definately one of my Faves.

Sweet Thing: A duller, sheerer version of Trimming Talk. I would say Sweet Thing has more of a purple undertone to it, making it less bold and more wearable for the daytime.
Pretty, you could say it is, as its also a very flattering colour, has more microscopic
glitter than Trimming Talk does. My first ever Mac lippie; the good old days! :]

M.A.C. Red: Red is one of those colours that suits everyone, but shades vary between skin tones. MAC Red is a vivid bluish red. This to me is THE definition of red lipstick. Perfect
shade, perfect finish, simply perfect. Fire engine red I would describe it as. Normally
I would wear it with lipliner just to prevent it from bleeding, but even if worn alone,
colour is still true to what you see and extremely creamy. MAC's Ruby Woo, Brave
Red and Russian Red are often compared to MAC Red, and more people seem to
favour the others... But I prefer Mac Red as its just uh.. how to say..... REDDER? lol.
(The picture is not an accurate representation of the actual colour.)

Hang Up : Intense reddy purple (burgundy?). Wow. This is the most fascinating shade of lipstick I own, and it makes me furious that I don't suit it. (It makes me look veryveryvery
tanned.) I absolutely love the I-just-ate-berries stain it shows up as on your lips, and
to make the colour show up more, merely reapply it. Such a bewitching, seductive
colour that I DO NOT have the guts to wear. I could sit here and talk about it all day,
its so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oozes glam and sophistication, but someone
needs to teach me how to wear this out without looking like a vamp. Which reminds
me, I love seeing this sorta red wine coloured shade on fair skinned girls, its so..
vampy. Oh I lovelovelovelovelove it. Plum. Burgundy. Mauve. Whatever you call it,
I LOVE IT. Amongst the entire Spring Forecast collection which
was MAC's biggest collection ever, promoting about 15 lipsticks this one stood out to
me the most. so thats saying a lot!

Viva Glam Collection:
"Every cent of the selling price of VIVA GLAM Lipstick and Lipglass is donated to the M·A·C AIDS Fund to support men, women, and children living with HIV and AIDS."
Pretty good cause, no?
So not only are you making yourself beautiful, you are doing a beautiful act by contributing to research and support to men, women and children with HIV/AIDS around the world. :]

Viva Glam Gaga: Collaboration with the one and only Lady Gaga has resulted in this creamy, bubblegum pink lipstick to be born. I feel like the shade washes me out,
so I guess its saying that you need to be more made up to pull off this shade.
I like it cause its extremely bold, but again it falls into the same category as
Dream ; baby pink.. which is not normally what I go for... Heh. Lets just say
we'll leave Viva Glam Gaga to Lady Gaga.

Viva Glam Cyndi: Semi-sheer red coral shade with shimmer. Had mixed feelings when I first saw it, but OhMyGosh. Cyndi Lauper, you are a true genius. (of course, we
already know this. teehee.) This is a versatile, more subdued version of that
statement red-lippie look we know and love. Due to it being more sheer than
the Gaga, this lipstick is much more wearable, and I see no problem with
wearing it throughout the year, it would work in winter just as well as it would
in summer, unlike per se, Gaga's. And I reckon it would work from day to
night too. I would even go as far to say that it's universally flattering, so
everyone should definately give this a try! You'll find its truly amazing.
trust me, you'll love it.

So yeah. Thats my modest collection,
there's always room for expansion!
winkwink nudgenudge.
Mu birthday is in a few weeks... ..
HA. Nah. I pull your leg.
Anyway. I shall be looking at Corals from the new To The Beach collection!
Oh and that coral pinky one from the Pret A Papier collection.
au revoir! xx

Saturday, June 12, 2010

"Oh its so funny when a guy does a body roll!" - Ashley.

So. Bring It On Central Heats today..
So proud of all you girls,
and kudos especially to Milo, Chloe,Rach and Oni..
Your hard work has definately paid off.
The crew's coordination was amazing, no stray limbs
or delayed movements, no pause cause you guys forgot a move,
and no look of confusion as you think of the next move.
Boy, were you guys giving it.

The atmosphere in the stadium was AMAZING;
EVERYONE was cheering everyone on.
Like competitors aren't staring each other down
or sizing up their competition,
but encouraging each other.
Its just such a good place to be, you know?
Reiterating the fact that BIO is the celebration of talent
across the country, and not solely a competition.
The atmosphere certainly helped all performers
who fed off this energy and gave us their best;
and in some cases even injuring themselves cause
they were that hardcore!

Though I must say, the competition was pretty tight;
4th place went to Mount Albert Grammar,
who I thought were great,
cause their crew was mainly made up of white people
who were'nt afraid to be themselves; like their mix
consisted of rock music (Killing In The Name Of) which was really refreshing;
like they're not trying to be who they're not and just use gangsta music, you know?
And gosh they had the tiniest little Justin Bieber look-alike
who they totally exploited and it was so adorable!
so cute when they re-enacted the J-Beebs Baby video.
So yes. A very fitting 4th place.
And oh, their costumes were blue tshirts, gingham vests and black RIPPED skinnies.
How NOT to like?

And in 3rd place, was Onehunga High.
When this was announced, us Epsoms were fully just sitting
there with our mouths hanging open.
Onehunga had costumes and a routine worthy of FIRST PLACE!
Seriously, at this point there was no doubt on all of our minds
that we would'nt even get a placing anymore if Onehunga got third.
(Onehunga's was ah-may-zing. Seriously. Not even exaggerating.
Look away for a second, look back and you'll be lost in translation.
So hypnotic. You just could'nt take you eyes off it, like
their moves were so bizzare that they worked and it made it innovative.
Maybe they got marked down based on their 'death rate'?
(At least 5 of their members were injured and had to be carried off
at the end of the routine.)

And then the MC's announce
"and in second place... .... ...
In the same position as the year before,
and us 4 supporters are like "what? who?"
(lol. we are BringItOn virgins you see)
And then our eardrums burst.
Oh dear. Today I discover
Epsom Girls has a very high shrieking ability compared
to other schools.
Boys shriek, don't they?
(You watch the Heineken ad first before you answer me!)
But yes.
It was only when I hear these estranged cries
(cause oh Alice you funny thing! Dont try cheering while you're crying!)
that I realised we had won. (well also cause the platform was about to
break under all 38 of our girls jumping up and down, lol.)
Ohmygosh. Highlight of my life!!
And I don't think we stopped cheering. Ever.
Not even when Alice and her three friends started sobbing
cause they were so happy, not even when that pretty girl with the fringe
fainted cause she couldn't breathe cause the circle we were making was too small,
not even when Mount Roskill got announced first.
This is definately school spirit at its best,
and I'm sososososososo glad that I got to experience it firsthand. :)


I think Epsom looked really good, cause our colour scheme was excellent,
and it may have been simple (Tshirt, shorts, tights) but it was clean yet contrasting,
and didn't take away from the actual dance.
The white gloves REALLY helped too, especially during the tutting,
which was (for once, lol) completely ON TIME, cause it helped the audience
focus on the teenytinymovement.
And Oh. The Thin Lizzy bit was GENIUS.
Noone else had it in their routine, and you could tell everyone was enjoying
themselves during it, and its SO relevant to girls.
So cutecutecute!
*Must remind myself to watch Rach do it. I must laugh at thee. Im sorry. I must.
Our theme was also very clear - Alice In Wonderland connotations were throughout,
and Sara, you are such a sweetie/amazing dancer!
Though I'm sorry we didn't have enough time to give you Alice-like ringlets.
And last but not least, of course, hair and makeup looked outstanding..
-shifty eyes.-
Haha, but nah. I now understand why they wouldn't let us have the freedom
of just teasing everyone's hair but demanded a ponytail instead, cause its just SO MESSY.
Like you're trying to watch a move, and FlickflickFLICK goes hair.
then another exciting move comes up and same thing happens. ==
So yes, our girls with their slicked back quiffs and ponytails looked real clean,
and you could concentrate on what they were doing.
(and also all the black paint on their faces. teehee. SoFunToDo!)
I couldn't imagine a better hair and makeup team to work with!
Ashley, Jaya, Jayali you guys are awesssssooome,
thank you sooo much!

No, the black paint has NOT washed off from my hands..
but SHAME. at least its not on my face!
So, we shall be off to Finals god-knows-when,
and I'm terribly exciteeeed to start this process all over again!
Only with fiercer competition.
Come support Epsoooom at BringItOn finals!
We'd love to see you there.

* also I'll try post the dance vid up :)
oh and pictures of the hair and makeup and rock-up tee and dance-tee!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Eat your heart out, brohomie.

When Ann's on hiatus, I'm blogging like crazy.
And when I'm on hiatus, she's blogging away like crazy.
How perverted is this world?

Heyheyhey. Whats with this conspiracy?
I've got a good enough reason for being away..
My cousins are here!
Well, they stayed for a week and are leaving tomorrow.

Oh. Back to school tomorrow..
Not keen, as per usual.
At least this weekend's look-forward-to worthy! :]
And to all Epsom 6th and 7th formers,
Hope you guys are prepped/starting to prep for the ball! ;D
Watching too much Gossip Girl has made me want to expect
high class gala openings/debutante balls/formal dinner parties/
fancy fundraisers/swanky dinner reservations
every other night with STUNNING designer dresses and oh-so-scandalous happenings.