Monday, June 7, 2010

Eat your heart out, brohomie.

When Ann's on hiatus, I'm blogging like crazy.
And when I'm on hiatus, she's blogging away like crazy.
How perverted is this world?

Heyheyhey. Whats with this conspiracy?
I've got a good enough reason for being away..
My cousins are here!
Well, they stayed for a week and are leaving tomorrow.

Oh. Back to school tomorrow..
Not keen, as per usual.
At least this weekend's look-forward-to worthy! :]
And to all Epsom 6th and 7th formers,
Hope you guys are prepped/starting to prep for the ball! ;D
Watching too much Gossip Girl has made me want to expect
high class gala openings/debutante balls/formal dinner parties/
fancy fundraisers/swanky dinner reservations
every other night with STUNNING designer dresses and oh-so-scandalous happenings.

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