Monday, June 21, 2010

Ann Chan The Man.

This one's dedicated to Ann♥♥

AH, I love you so much!
Let me count the ways.
I love you cause you always make me laugh cause you're so confused, ALWAYS :]
I love you cause you make co-corricular activities cool sine 2008.
I love you cause you have kick ass jewelry (rings.)
I love you cause you don't care what other people think about you.
I love you cause you're so selfless
I love you cause your guitar skills are like ZINNNG!
I love you cause you have an awesome music taste
I love you cause you have made Malaysian group what it is today
I love you cause you friggin write essay-cards
I love you cause you always have a warm inviting smile on your face
I love you cause you have the coolest style (You = OMG SKINNY JEANNNS. lol.)
I love you cause you drink WAAAAAAAAY too much caffeine
I love you cause you let me sleep over; eat 3 meals at your place. HOHO.
I love you cause youre so protective of us
I love you cause you think we're cool. But we're not. Seriously.

I think you're cool ANN!
And I miss you.
Yes. you may do that little Ann laugh.
But yes. Come visit me soon.
Or you will suffer dire consequences.
Also, I'm sorry for not texting you in eons. :(
I'm a bad friend, I know.
Bring It On Finals are on 14/8 I thinkk...
Which is the Saturday of Chinese Extrav.. BUT NOT TO WORRY!
Helen and Wenzin are excellent leaders, so there will be Extrav on Sunday too!
So you can go to BIO and the Extravvvvv! :)
Yes. Please visit me every Monday.
I have so many frees, its not even funny.
Well it is to me, cause I can laugh at other school-going people.
Anyway, enough about me.
We MUST go to Paramore this timeee ;)
and I wouldn't mind if you bought my ticket. ;P
OH. We have a Bring It On fundraiser next Thursday night!
I'll text you the deets. Hope to see you there!
We might get Jay Williams to s-s-s-s-sing. woopwooop!

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