Thursday, June 24, 2010

Balls of all kinds.

Year 13 Ball in a few hours!
Oh wait, I'm not excited. Yet.
Maybe it's cause I'm not going through the notion of getting hair, makeup and nails done?
I dont know, I just dont see the point in paying for all that bull when I can
just do it at home.. I guess you can't say I'm crap at it.. but still..
No need to go the whole nine yards.
But yes, Excited for the preball and afterball! hehe ;]
Only wish that Peaty would come to the ball though, we'll miss you stubborn child. :)
But oooooh. Excited to see everyone looking dapper tonight!
Wonder how Rach's tanline coverage is going TEEHEE.
awkward times make me laughhhhhhhhhhh.
And I'll remember to tense when I wave.
Also, the marks that you left on my left arm when you punched me
yesterday are still there. HOHOHO.
I think it adds to it really.
Purple dress, black shoes, black and blue arm?? :D

Alright. Off to get some food.
See you tonight, peeps!

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