Monday, June 28, 2010

Hello Kiddums!
Year 13 Ball was splendid, though the theme of Arabian Nights is hardly original.
Such a great atmosphere :)
And they played MYSONG! hohohoho.

Girls L-R: Sam, Jessi, Amber, Emi, Debbie, Nu, Annie, Gabby
Guys L-R: Marbert, Shane, Eugene, Jake (koff. asshole. koff. pardon me. just clearing my throat)

But yes, I fully cvan't belive this is our last Epsom ball. Ever.
I couldn't imagine better people to spend my night with,
and you girls should know how much I love you,
cause without you, my EGGS experience just wouldn't be the same.
I would state why I love each and everyone of you,
but I'd run out of space. (and time.) haha.
Here's to the near future and hopefully staying as close as we are now :)
and lol. Shane, you are so FUNNY! Good job at snagging the right one, Amber! :D

Also, special shoutout to this bunch.
You two are the cutest little things I will ever meet! :D
(sorry for the overexposed photo. I think my camera got a little too excited.)
Thanks for all the laughs, and great times we've had and will still have.

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