Sunday, October 31, 2010

NZFW All that glitters is not gold - Part 1

Happy halloween, all! No celebrations for me though, got my finals in 2 weeks. Exam time for high school students equals sneaking into Auckland University's many libraries to study... cause they actually are quiet. So I apologise now if I'm one of those people that somehow manages to beat you to the last available seat in IC4, and you have an assignment due in 3 hours. I'm sorry, really, I am. But hey, its ineveitable, I get too distracted at home!

Speaking of distraction, my New Zealand Fashion Week 2010 review is long overdue, and so here's part 1 of my NZFW series.


Ruby Boutique has had a pretty good run over the years, considering they first started off as mainly tees and hoodies. Ruby have just debuted their full collection at Fashion Week this year, was one of the year's most anticipated shows, and certainly lived up to expectations. Ruby's 'The Adventurers' AW 2011 collection followed the spirit of the adventurer in promoting practical yet stylish winter clothing. Crisp checked shirts, shorts and dresss, puffy jackets, parkas and coats in a colour palette of forest green, navy, mustard, mushroom and crisp blues were worn with desert boots, and just makes you want to go tramping in the hills! The Adventurers then takes a turn and heads towards featuring girlier ensembles, electric neon orange and metallic gold waist-hugging tunics and skinny cigarette pants which were paired with black shaggy knits.

This collection will certainly be very well received when it reaches stores! So hurry up and make mental lists of what you need, and then pre-order them! For me, that shaggy knit skirt and THIS mustard tunic dress are on the top of my list! :)


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"... measles of the psyche, mumps of the soul" - Billy Collins

A friend of mine has put me on a shopping ban until about mid-December. Which means I'm not allowed to spend a single cent on anything other than food and school. This is my second week into the challenge, and I'm already suffering withdrawal symptoms. No clothes, no jewellery, no nail polish... THIS SUCKS! Seeing as the consequence of breaking this challenge is even worse, I guess I'll just have to suck it up and deal with it. Why I allow myself to walk into situations like these, I dont even know. SO, fuguring it won't do me or my pocket any harm, online window shopping is the safest bet - when the only thing you can damage is pretty much just my psyche.

1. Helmut Lang black waterfall jacket
2. Isabel Marant metallic-knit sheer sweater
3. Yves Saint Laurent Palais Mohawk suede heels (sickest shoes I've ever seen.)
4. Proenza Schouler Medium PS1 in Tan
5. Topshop Fang necklace (reminiscent of the Meadowlark fang necklace HERE.)
6. Sass & Bide embellished pants (must attempt and probably fail to DIY these after the exams!)

1. Alexander Wang Rocco duffel bag
2. Balmain purple suede skinny leg pants
3. T by Alexander Wang casual pocket tee
4. DKNY sequinned blazer
5. Burberry Prorsum shearling avaiator boots

Daria Werbowy; photographed after the Balmain show. She looks like absolute perfection in those purple suede pants! Obsessed with them now.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Abbey says.

Abbey Lee Kershaw can do no wrong by me. The perfect combination of fashion forward street style, that platinum blonde hair, and those unique features make her so intoxicatingly beautiful and interesting to look at. In my mind, she's this untouchable, exotic giraffe of a creature, with a gorgeous foreign accent - and then I realise that she was once just your average Melbournian teenager who worked part time at a bakery! And she has this most endearing little Ozzie accent. Abbey Lee is human after all, haha. (do watch the interview, she's so honest and down to earth.)

Abbey Lee returns home for November 2011 Vogue Australia editorial - and is stunning as always. She looks so good in this editorial, I'm convinced to buy even the skin off her back. Oh, and that Miu Miu dress, of course! Love her hair in this editorial, and that front-on shot of her is BEYOND STUNNING. I believe I've run out of adjectives to describe her with. The fact that this editorial is from Vogue Australia also makes me happy, cause this means its readily available at just about every supermarket/petrol station in existence and it won't cost me a bomb. This editorial is a keeper!

Fun fact : Abbey Lee Kershaw worked New Zealand Fashion Week in 2006 when she just started out as a model, hoping to make it big here. Fast forward a couple of years later, and she's been named the 5th most successful international model of the year!


Saturday, October 23, 2010


Sorry for being away for so long, I guess when blogging starts to feel like a chore, I deserve a bit of a break. Intending for it only to be a short week long break, studying for exams and being sick have done nothing to help. But for now at least, I've got the blogging bug back!

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Leather. My obession with this stuff is quite apparent, and rather unhealthy. I feel like I've let it manifest so much in my mind that at the end of the day, I NEED leather in every shape and form of clothing possible. I mean, LOOK! Jeremy Scott has even made leather underwear look like it belongs in everyone's wardrobe.

1. Leather vest, pleated leather skirt from Asos online catalogue
2. Jessica Simpson Leather strap wedges, like the Givenchy ones from HERE
3. White leather Docs, Moto jacket
4. Burberry S/S11 studded moto jacket
5. Black leather boy shorts
6. Alexa's 3.1 Philip Lim quilted leather shorts
7. Celine leather dess (worn as top)
8. Sleeved leather mini dress
9. Alix's leather pants
10. Jeremy Scott SS11 Leather cone bra
11. Salasai FW11 leather dress shirt
12. Studded leather moto jacket
13. Caroline's Acne leather shearling aviator jacket
14. Kate's Isabel Marant FW10-11 Red leather pants
15. Stolen Girlfriends Club FW11 cranberry leather crop top
16. Backstage : Balmain SS211
17. Rumi's 3.1 Philip Lim quilted leather shorts
18. Burberry FW10-11 campaign - THE campaign of the season!

What's your favourite leather look?


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blonde ambition

This girl is absolutely STUNNING!
Can't get enough of her.
She's such a natural beauty, aaah!
And now that she's gone on-trend bottle-blonde, she looks even more amazing than before.
Blonde suits her, no?
***Just thought I might do a short post in between fashion week reviews
so my blog is still active!
London Fashion Week, New Zealand Fashion Week reviews will be up soon!
So, Abbey Lee, hot or not?


Monday, September 20, 2010

NYFW S/S 2010-2011 ; favourite 5.

New York Fashion Week has just come to a close, and made way for London Fashion Week. I do look forward to (especially) the S/S shows, cause I've never been particularly good at getting dressed for the summer and desperately seek inspiration. It's been a pretty good season for the New Yorkers, and so I've decided to sum up my favourite few collections for the season in this post. Surprisingly though, not many of my favourite designers made it on the list.

First of all, Helmut Lang is at the top of my list. Upon having heard great things from this promising young label since a few collections back, I decided that it was time to finally give Hemut Lang its deserved attention, and either hate it or love it.Fortunately for me, I absolutely fell in love with the collection!! Never tiring of the phrase "One can never have too much of a good thing," and in this case, this good thing is monochrome. Whites, tonal grays and gradual fades to black is the key pallette for this collection, made up of light cotton shirts and skirts and light almost sheer knits paired with cotton jackets or silk print tanks. organic, flowing textures were chosen over the label's previous work with structured tailoring and fit, and this embodies the relaxed vibe of spring/summer perfectly. Spring and summer might be the seasons associated with florals, ruffles, pastels - but its just so overdone. Helmut Lang's use of a monochrome pallette is a fresh view on the hotter seasons of the year, and if a woman can be dressed in the last look in the first photo, and be cruising on a yacht with the wind in her face - then, hell, why not.

Continuing with the idea of a monochrome pallette over bright florals, is Jen Kao's s/s 2011 collection. Khaki green and white infused into soft chiffon-like materials were the main attraction of the show - very ethereal themed collection, many floaty dresses were in the collection, with their see-through quality which seemed goddess-like and the shift dresses were reminiscent of a high-fashion Tinkerbell. Absolutely beautiful pieces were in this collection, and they certainly deserve some red-carpet quality time! That very last olive coloured dress, I can see Maggie Gyllenhaal in. It would look absolutely gorgeous against her porcelain skin, and besides, what can't that woman pull off?

Vera Wang. The renowned gown designer, can never put a foot wrong with any dress she designs, but in this season's collections, I thought the pants/shorts were more of a standout than the sakura-print pencil dresses. The cuffed shorts in the collections were the standouts to me. Repeated in many colours, Vera has paired them with office-friendly Japanese kimono inspired sheer tops and creates an overall polished but youthful look, shown by the asymmetrical drapery on some pieces. The draped collection uses a mostly monochromatic pallette - which is then broken by the brightly coloured shift dresses (as worn by Abbey Lee and Freja Beha Erichsen) which appeared after about every 5 looks in the collection - playing with the use of colour for the warmer seasons.

Another collection which caught my attention this time round was Christian Siriano SS2011. The central theme of his collection was quite apparent really, Safari. Leather versions of safari suits were put out there, as well as loud animal print splayed accross the collection in all kinds of dreses, screaming out not to be ignored. There was nothing subtle about this collection, and well, is the world subtle even associated with Christian Siriano? Given his lovable 'Fierce' nature and his magnificent workmanship, I guess not - he's just unavoidable. The bright animalesque print dresses towards the end of his collection may have been veering on the edge of over-the-top, but you can't deny this man the fact that you admire his talent for making show-stopping, beautiful dresses. The shapes of the garments many not have been ground breaking, but, where it was applicable, the use of drapery and detail on the garments have made this collection unforgettable and certainly cemented his place in the fashion industry.

And last, but not least, and summing up my list of top 5 favourite NYFW SS2011 collections is that of Jason Wu. Starting the show with those wonderful bow-collar sheer white tops, Jason Wu had already caught the attention of his audience. The use of nude colours that slowly transitioned to shockingly bright colours like cobalt blue, hot pinks and oranges made sure that there was something in store for everyone - for the brave and the less brave. From the collection, I've sensed a Parisienne flair as seen in the sophisticated simple silhouettes of the garments which are form-fitting, flattering on a woman, and all about cut. Not to mention the focus on detail within the collection, a few ruffles here and there, which added to the sophisticated elegance of the entire collection. Also, that striped top and white ruffle skirt concoction just screams Carey Mulligan, don't you think?

Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang are my fashion favourites but I think they failed to impress this season. :(
Which are your NYFW faves?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

NZ Fashion Week - Who to be looking out for.

I'll be posting a New York Fashion Week Overview soon! :)
But in the meantime, just to fill you in,
New Zealand Fashion Week will take place starting this Tuesday,
(21st to 26th September) and its terribly exciting that I'll be working backstage! :)
Names to keep an eye out for : Stolen Girlfriends Club, Karen Walker, 27 Names, Nom*D, Ruby Boutique, Zambesi, Lonely Hearts, Cybele. Also recently heard by word of mouth about this really cool new label, Maakie (?? spelling?) Can't wait to check it out!

I'll defiantely be blogging about the shows, and hopefully have plenty to share about what NZ designers have to offer.
But first, here's a small selection of the designers' work :

From Stolen Girlfriends, as we more fondly refer to them, a smogasboard of delicious vintage-meets-new grunge street style for both men and ladies! Renowned for their dark-themed, sophisticated jewelry as well as their perfectly lived in, slouch-to-perfection clothes, Stolen Girlfriends is naturally one of my top most anticipated shows. In fact, The Stolen Girlfriend boys have achieved cult-like status here in New Zealand, anyone who's anyone will have heard of the Stolen Girlfriends Club! This being said, they've done pretty well overseas too, taking their debut Rosemount Australian Fashion Week show by storm earlier this year, and have Juliette Lewis, Kate Bosworth, Daisy Lowe, & The Cobra Snake as celebrity followers.

Twenty-seven Names is the brainchild of two lovely Wellingtonians, Rachel Easting and Anjali Stewart. I absolutely ADORE the public school girl aesthetic of the label, its such a refreshing new spin on fashion - and I feel like I've overused the word 'wintage', but you can definately see a vintage vibe to the clothes that can easily be matched with more modern, fashion forward pieces. There's a young innocence to this label that I find extremely intriguing, because it is heavily juxtaposed by the labels use of black and sheer materials, which add to the beauty of the overall look. Any label that makes beautiful sheer clothes is in my good books! :)

And the Queens of all things a-la-vintage, the folks over at Ruby Boutique. Stocking 3 designers worth of goodies, Ruby Boutique is chock full of all things whimsical, yes, this is me speaking from experience. The collection in the photo higher up is Ruby's F/W 2010,I reckon the BEST collection Ruby has put out there. Chanelling an almost Chloe Sevigny vibe (look, even the model's a Chloe lookalike!) of indie, quirky, yet chic at the same time, Ruby has managed to re-work sheer materials into various different looks, night, day and even work. Never one to disappoint, Ruby's current SS collection is bang on trend; a few prints here and there, COLOUR, open flowy blouses and camis and a touch of playfulness and summer charm, so I'm sure their Fashion Week collection will be equally as stunning.

Hope this post will give you a good idea of what to expect from NZFW, and for those who don't know much about NZ designers, hope this gave you a little insight into our small but ever expanding pool of fashion talent! :)




Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Inspiration Sunday : Sovereign

Sorry for being away, its exam season, which is a shame really,
cause it's also NYFW!!! which means I'm going to be behind (as always)
on blogging about the runway splendours of the season.
But today, I will be catching up on last week's inspiration Sunday that I missed.

So, August 29th was the Primetime Awards, and of course, Anna Paquin and (boyfriend? fiancee? husband?)Stephen Moyer were there - though not to receive an award, but to present. Paquin, fashionable as always, showed up in yet another McQueen creation straight off the runway :


Gorgeous dress from the collection, but personally, I think the long train swamps her petite figure. The short lace dresses in the collection would have looked better on her! Here is the entire collection:

Ever since the tragic death of Alexander McQueen earlier this year,
I've not looked at much of the label's work simply because noone can replace Alexander McQueen and I didn't want to see anyone trying - and failing.
However, Sarah Burton, McQueen's successor, have proved me wrong as we can see in this resort collection. True, it's not as extreme, true, its not groundbreaking, but it sure is beautiful. Its as if the label has matured under Burton's guidance, the key elements of a McQueen design is still there - structure, texture, print, but now the clothes have developed into wearable pieces that work with a woman's figure instead of just being pieces of art that speak for themselves, and it does feel like it is a woman designing for women, she knows what looks and works best on a woman. And it really excites me to say, Yes, I love this collection.
Hope to see more from Burton come London Fashion Week! :)

Oh also, just because I can't help myself.
Did anyone else notice Ryan Murphy's Tom Ford tuxedo at the Emmys?
Its the very one Nicholas Hoult is wearing in the previous post!
How exciting! Though to be honest, I was expecting someone younger and more fashion-forward to be wearing it - perhaps Daniel Radcliffe, Robert Pattinson, especially after Rob Pat's winning Gucci suit at the Eclipse premiere. That being said, Ryan Murphy looks dashing in Tom Ford!

So what do you think?
Are you for or against the new direction of McQueen?


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lover Boy


If anyone's been closely following my blog for the past year/know me well,
you'll know that I have the HUGEST crush on Nicholas Hoult.
Ohh that accent!
If you don't know who he is, he's been in a few movies, - I believe his acting break when he was about 8 years old starring next to Hugh Grant in About A Boy, and his more memorable roles to date are as Tony Stonem off British TV series Skins, a minor role in Clash of The Titans, supporting role of Kenny Porter in A Single Man, and upcoming in the new X-Men movie sequel (YUSSSS! Okay, I'm a geek at heart.) as Beast.(DOUBLE YUSS!)

And now, he's gone on to impress the likes of Tom Ford, who has in fact shamelessly announced himself as Nick's biggest fan. (And who can blame him? I mean - those gorgoues eyes!) The outlandish designer who is famous for his attention-grabbing, over the top ad campaigns has made Nick his newest protege, giving him not one, but TWO campaign features, photographed by the designer himself, within this year:



Besides this, Nick has also evidently pushed all the right buttons amongst the big names in fashion; starring in an editorial "Call It Love" alongside Raquel Zimmerman & Caroline Trentini in Vogue Nippon June 2010, styled by none other than Grace Coddington herself. Nick is wearing (surprise,surprise!) Tom Ford throughout.

Ahhhhh. Would kill for those Givenchy leather lace up wedges!
So what do you think, Nicholas Hoult, fashion's new It Boy?

Editing: ME!

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Brogue.

FINALLY got my Jeffrey Campbell brogues today,
and I love them! (which is funny cause Ashley absolutely despises them haha)
I've been wearing them around the house... as you do... and so far so good!
Extremely comfortable, and also innadequately mannish,
which in my books equals PERFECT.
My first JC experience has been a good one! :)
Though all the store girls at Andrea Biani act as if they're better than everyone.
Maybe next time I'll shop Solestruck instead. No need to talk to surly shop assistants
who manage to make shopping feel like a chore.