Sunday, October 31, 2010

NZFW All that glitters is not gold - Part 1

Happy halloween, all! No celebrations for me though, got my finals in 2 weeks. Exam time for high school students equals sneaking into Auckland University's many libraries to study... cause they actually are quiet. So I apologise now if I'm one of those people that somehow manages to beat you to the last available seat in IC4, and you have an assignment due in 3 hours. I'm sorry, really, I am. But hey, its ineveitable, I get too distracted at home!

Speaking of distraction, my New Zealand Fashion Week 2010 review is long overdue, and so here's part 1 of my NZFW series.


Ruby Boutique has had a pretty good run over the years, considering they first started off as mainly tees and hoodies. Ruby have just debuted their full collection at Fashion Week this year, was one of the year's most anticipated shows, and certainly lived up to expectations. Ruby's 'The Adventurers' AW 2011 collection followed the spirit of the adventurer in promoting practical yet stylish winter clothing. Crisp checked shirts, shorts and dresss, puffy jackets, parkas and coats in a colour palette of forest green, navy, mustard, mushroom and crisp blues were worn with desert boots, and just makes you want to go tramping in the hills! The Adventurers then takes a turn and heads towards featuring girlier ensembles, electric neon orange and metallic gold waist-hugging tunics and skinny cigarette pants which were paired with black shaggy knits.

This collection will certainly be very well received when it reaches stores! So hurry up and make mental lists of what you need, and then pre-order them! For me, that shaggy knit skirt and THIS mustard tunic dress are on the top of my list! :)



Emilie said...

oh I want everything!! Thanks for sharing babe :)


-new post at my blog :D -

Joanne Faith said...

Ruby was definitely a fave - I like the shaggy sweater the most. A must for winter next year. :)

Grace said...

That bright toggle coat!

Love Grace.

Tania said...

Gah, I want it all!!!!
Reading NZFW made me thing Not Zafe For Work :S I was worried at first!