Monday, September 6, 2010

The Brogue.

FINALLY got my Jeffrey Campbell brogues today,
and I love them! (which is funny cause Ashley absolutely despises them haha)
I've been wearing them around the house... as you do... and so far so good!
Extremely comfortable, and also innadequately mannish,
which in my books equals PERFECT.
My first JC experience has been a good one! :)
Though all the store girls at Andrea Biani act as if they're better than everyone.
Maybe next time I'll shop Solestruck instead. No need to talk to surly shop assistants
who manage to make shopping feel like a chore.



Emilie said...

these are FABULOUS! I'm still looking for my perfect pair for this season, I had really nice ones from MJ but I wore them all the time, so now they're broken... :(

Love brogues!


Debbie Kok said...

Totally agree! seems like all the brogues out there are just really bad quality, or dont even qualify to be brogues..
Wish you good luck with fiding a brand new pair! :)

Debbie xx

Francesca said...

those look so fun just to wear :) i want a pair too but im so picky arggh