Sunday, September 5, 2010

Inspiration Sunday : Lost in space.

Inspiration Sunday time!
I actually quite enjoy these posts. hehe.
Gives me more of a reason to perve at all things beautiful.

Last year, the fashion world was rocked by one Christopher Kane's animal tee - the angry gorilla, starting a fashion pandemic, and soon, everyone owned it. Then, Chrsitopher Kane collaborated with one MASSIVE high street label that we're all familar with, yes, Topshop, and created a line that was more friendly to the purse, and introduced THIS tee :

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Stunned by the amazing ness of it all, this little girl decided she MUST get the 'gator tee or risk missing out on a piece of fashion history - WHO ELSE can make a plain old T-Shirt so freakin' amazing??? So, she skipped along happily to the Topshop on Oxford Street in London, yes, four storeys of sheer amazing Topshop goodness, hoping to God that she'd find the tee. After spending very very very long in the amazing four storey Topshop and wanting to buy EVERYTHING, she still could not find the tee. So she decided to ask the salesgirls, and was met with a "Oh sorry dah-lin', they're all gon'. Would you like to look at his dresses or eyelet leggings?" And this little girl was heartbroken. So she swore to never love [another Christopher Kane collection, I mean] ever again, to save herself from more heartbreak.

And that plan succeeded, but the girl was never truly happy. See, everyone needs love [Christopher Kane amazingness!!!!!!!!!!!] in their lives.
And that's when she came upom this.
In all its glory, here is the Christopher Kane Resort 2011 Collection.
Prepare to be mindblown.

HELLO, spectacular much?
Nebula, hell yes.
How embarrassing, I meant to only pick out the best few pieces within the collection, couldn't choose between them cause everything was amazing, so thats pretty much the whole collection! :)
Glad to say, I have fallen in love again.
Also, you know what, screw you Net-a-porter prices. I'll start saving up for a lil' something-something from this collection.

P.S. A reliable source tells me;
NY Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week September 9-16
London Fashion Week September 17-22
Milan Fashion Week September 22-28
Paris Fashion Week September 29-October 7
Be excited. Be very excited.
EEEEEEE can't wait :)


Olivia RPS said...

ahhhhhhh they are just amazing!
Olivia x

Emilie said...

LOOOOOOVE the Christopher Kane dress :)


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Francesca said...

completely thrown by last piece in first row and middle dress in third row. i want. ;)

Emilie said...

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