Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Inspiration Sunday : Sovereign

Sorry for being away, its exam season, which is a shame really,
cause it's also NYFW!!! which means I'm going to be behind (as always)
on blogging about the runway splendours of the season.
But today, I will be catching up on last week's inspiration Sunday that I missed.

So, August 29th was the Primetime Awards, and of course, Anna Paquin and (boyfriend? fiancee? husband?)Stephen Moyer were there - though not to receive an award, but to present. Paquin, fashionable as always, showed up in yet another McQueen creation straight off the runway :


Gorgeous dress from the collection, but personally, I think the long train swamps her petite figure. The short lace dresses in the collection would have looked better on her! Here is the entire collection:

Ever since the tragic death of Alexander McQueen earlier this year,
I've not looked at much of the label's work simply because noone can replace Alexander McQueen and I didn't want to see anyone trying - and failing.
However, Sarah Burton, McQueen's successor, have proved me wrong as we can see in this resort collection. True, it's not as extreme, true, its not groundbreaking, but it sure is beautiful. Its as if the label has matured under Burton's guidance, the key elements of a McQueen design is still there - structure, texture, print, but now the clothes have developed into wearable pieces that work with a woman's figure instead of just being pieces of art that speak for themselves, and it does feel like it is a woman designing for women, she knows what looks and works best on a woman. And it really excites me to say, Yes, I love this collection.
Hope to see more from Burton come London Fashion Week! :)

Oh also, just because I can't help myself.
Did anyone else notice Ryan Murphy's Tom Ford tuxedo at the Emmys?
Its the very one Nicholas Hoult is wearing in the previous post!
How exciting! Though to be honest, I was expecting someone younger and more fashion-forward to be wearing it - perhaps Daniel Radcliffe, Robert Pattinson, especially after Rob Pat's winning Gucci suit at the Eclipse premiere. That being said, Ryan Murphy looks dashing in Tom Ford!

So what do you think?
Are you for or against the new direction of McQueen?


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Emilie said...

It's not really my style, but I DEFINATELY love it!! Although as you say: nobody can replace him...