Friday, September 3, 2010

Mini rant. Feel free to skip. hahaha.

So, examsexamsexams starting next week...
Unsurprisingly, I feel underprepared,
its like this every year.. GRR.
Always feel like there's that SOMETHING that you
could have done to change your grade for the better...
like today in design where everyone got their 3.2 Poster
grades back, and (FIGURES!!!) Me Annita and Rach will require more
time to mark and for the teachers to think about cause
we're sitting on Merit canoes, sailing towards Excellence,
but it depends which teachers want to give us LIFEJACKETS.
So, yes, very frustrating.
can't help thinking (KNOWING) that I could've done way more
just to get a SOLID higher grade or something.
But yes, sorry about the confusing imagery,
I assure you, I do NOT take English.
If I did, I don't think I'd pass it with that crummy metaphor... ...

Onto more exciting things.
Something terribly exciting, and PROBABLY life changing
will occur on Wednesday the 8th Of September.
I really hope I get it, but I don't want to say too much
cause I'm worried I'll jinx it..
I'll keep you guys posted, ONLY IF you keep your fingers
crossed for me! xD fair bargain, no? haha.
In the meantime I'll be brushing up on my
NZ designers knowledge! :)

Applications to university have been sent,
and all thats left are exams to study for and to do well in.
So, wish me luck!
With Uni AND next wednesday ;]
And see you people around.. soon.

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