Sunday, September 19, 2010

NZ Fashion Week - Who to be looking out for.

I'll be posting a New York Fashion Week Overview soon! :)
But in the meantime, just to fill you in,
New Zealand Fashion Week will take place starting this Tuesday,
(21st to 26th September) and its terribly exciting that I'll be working backstage! :)
Names to keep an eye out for : Stolen Girlfriends Club, Karen Walker, 27 Names, Nom*D, Ruby Boutique, Zambesi, Lonely Hearts, Cybele. Also recently heard by word of mouth about this really cool new label, Maakie (?? spelling?) Can't wait to check it out!

I'll defiantely be blogging about the shows, and hopefully have plenty to share about what NZ designers have to offer.
But first, here's a small selection of the designers' work :

From Stolen Girlfriends, as we more fondly refer to them, a smogasboard of delicious vintage-meets-new grunge street style for both men and ladies! Renowned for their dark-themed, sophisticated jewelry as well as their perfectly lived in, slouch-to-perfection clothes, Stolen Girlfriends is naturally one of my top most anticipated shows. In fact, The Stolen Girlfriend boys have achieved cult-like status here in New Zealand, anyone who's anyone will have heard of the Stolen Girlfriends Club! This being said, they've done pretty well overseas too, taking their debut Rosemount Australian Fashion Week show by storm earlier this year, and have Juliette Lewis, Kate Bosworth, Daisy Lowe, & The Cobra Snake as celebrity followers.

Twenty-seven Names is the brainchild of two lovely Wellingtonians, Rachel Easting and Anjali Stewart. I absolutely ADORE the public school girl aesthetic of the label, its such a refreshing new spin on fashion - and I feel like I've overused the word 'wintage', but you can definately see a vintage vibe to the clothes that can easily be matched with more modern, fashion forward pieces. There's a young innocence to this label that I find extremely intriguing, because it is heavily juxtaposed by the labels use of black and sheer materials, which add to the beauty of the overall look. Any label that makes beautiful sheer clothes is in my good books! :)

And the Queens of all things a-la-vintage, the folks over at Ruby Boutique. Stocking 3 designers worth of goodies, Ruby Boutique is chock full of all things whimsical, yes, this is me speaking from experience. The collection in the photo higher up is Ruby's F/W 2010,I reckon the BEST collection Ruby has put out there. Chanelling an almost Chloe Sevigny vibe (look, even the model's a Chloe lookalike!) of indie, quirky, yet chic at the same time, Ruby has managed to re-work sheer materials into various different looks, night, day and even work. Never one to disappoint, Ruby's current SS collection is bang on trend; a few prints here and there, COLOUR, open flowy blouses and camis and a touch of playfulness and summer charm, so I'm sure their Fashion Week collection will be equally as stunning.

Hope this post will give you a good idea of what to expect from NZFW, and for those who don't know much about NZ designers, hope this gave you a little insight into our small but ever expanding pool of fashion talent! :)




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I love this post! cause now i can follow up NZ fashion that i didn't know about before!