Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Macarena, anybody?

Being sick gets me down..
and its also very disheartening when you find out
that you get the same symptoms/same sort of flu
at least thrice a year.
How boring.
I mean, If I should be sick at all, why not make it something exciting?
Actually, maybe having variations of the Flu is not such a great idea...
Oh well. Better sick now then during the ball.

I thought I'd share one of my many passions with you people,
my MAC lipstick collection.

Brave (Permanent Range)
Dream (Limited Edition)
Trimming Talk (Limited Edition)
Sweet Thing (Limited Edition)
M.A.C. Red (Permanent Range)
Hang Up (Limited Edition)

Viva Glams:
Viva Glam Gaga
Viva Glam Cyndi

Brave: Nude cream lipstick. Its the exact same shade as my lips..
Probably should've taken that into consideration before I bought it, but its extremely
versatile, as one would expect of a nude lipstick, and you can dress it up or down with
different coloured glosses for different looks. Hence one I use quite often :)

Dream: A frosted baby pink lipstick. Extremely pretty, and reminds me of cotton candy.
Its perfectly new cause I think the shimmeriness intimidates me a little. (A LOT)
Lol. But its soooo pretty. I would imagine someone wearing this out at night,
with rather blase eye makeup.. so yeah. Not very ME at all... But its
a beautiful shade. And it came with a matching lipliner and Dazzleglass to complete
a frosty pink lip. Imma go on a mission to find when I can pull off this look. lol.

Trimming Talk: Bright fuschia. Need I say more? Statement lipstick, this one. Its like Barbie on crack! Semi cream except for its few specks of shimmer, I levitate towards
Trimming Talk for nights out, simply because its so flattering and also cause its
so opaque - spares you the hassle of lipliner. Wore this to the ball last year, and
sort of regret it. I mean come on. What was I thinking? Turqouise and fuschia?
But it photographed well... so yes. Definately one of my Faves.

Sweet Thing: A duller, sheerer version of Trimming Talk. I would say Sweet Thing has more of a purple undertone to it, making it less bold and more wearable for the daytime.
Pretty, you could say it is, as its also a very flattering colour, has more microscopic
glitter than Trimming Talk does. My first ever Mac lippie; the good old days! :]

M.A.C. Red: Red is one of those colours that suits everyone, but shades vary between skin tones. MAC Red is a vivid bluish red. This to me is THE definition of red lipstick. Perfect
shade, perfect finish, simply perfect. Fire engine red I would describe it as. Normally
I would wear it with lipliner just to prevent it from bleeding, but even if worn alone,
colour is still true to what you see and extremely creamy. MAC's Ruby Woo, Brave
Red and Russian Red are often compared to MAC Red, and more people seem to
favour the others... But I prefer Mac Red as its just uh.. how to say..... REDDER? lol.
(The picture is not an accurate representation of the actual colour.)

Hang Up : Intense reddy purple (burgundy?). Wow. This is the most fascinating shade of lipstick I own, and it makes me furious that I don't suit it. (It makes me look veryveryvery
tanned.) I absolutely love the I-just-ate-berries stain it shows up as on your lips, and
to make the colour show up more, merely reapply it. Such a bewitching, seductive
colour that I DO NOT have the guts to wear. I could sit here and talk about it all day,
its so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oozes glam and sophistication, but someone
needs to teach me how to wear this out without looking like a vamp. Which reminds
me, I love seeing this sorta red wine coloured shade on fair skinned girls, its so..
vampy. Oh I lovelovelovelovelove it. Plum. Burgundy. Mauve. Whatever you call it,
I LOVE IT. Amongst the entire Spring Forecast collection which
was MAC's biggest collection ever, promoting about 15 lipsticks this one stood out to
me the most. so thats saying a lot!

Viva Glam Collection:
"Every cent of the selling price of VIVA GLAM Lipstick and Lipglass is donated to the M·A·C AIDS Fund to support men, women, and children living with HIV and AIDS."
Pretty good cause, no?
So not only are you making yourself beautiful, you are doing a beautiful act by contributing to research and support to men, women and children with HIV/AIDS around the world. :]

Viva Glam Gaga: Collaboration with the one and only Lady Gaga has resulted in this creamy, bubblegum pink lipstick to be born. I feel like the shade washes me out,
so I guess its saying that you need to be more made up to pull off this shade.
I like it cause its extremely bold, but again it falls into the same category as
Dream ; baby pink.. which is not normally what I go for... Heh. Lets just say
we'll leave Viva Glam Gaga to Lady Gaga.

Viva Glam Cyndi: Semi-sheer red coral shade with shimmer. Had mixed feelings when I first saw it, but OhMyGosh. Cyndi Lauper, you are a true genius. (of course, we
already know this. teehee.) This is a versatile, more subdued version of that
statement red-lippie look we know and love. Due to it being more sheer than
the Gaga, this lipstick is much more wearable, and I see no problem with
wearing it throughout the year, it would work in winter just as well as it would
in summer, unlike per se, Gaga's. And I reckon it would work from day to
night too. I would even go as far to say that it's universally flattering, so
everyone should definately give this a try! You'll find its truly amazing.
trust me, you'll love it.

So yeah. Thats my modest collection,
there's always room for expansion!
winkwink nudgenudge.
Mu birthday is in a few weeks... ..
HA. Nah. I pull your leg.
Anyway. I shall be looking at Corals from the new To The Beach collection!
Oh and that coral pinky one from the Pret A Papier collection.
au revoir! xx

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