Friday, February 5, 2010

Life and times.

Aside from a massive 15 cm in diameter bruise on my knee
and not being able to sneeze lest I strain my aching muscles any further,
I am well :D
Just started Year 13 two days ago, and its going so far so good.
But then again. it is only day two....
Procrastination only starts to kick in after the exciting shit
is over and done with.

Speaking of exciting shit,
our group is yet again going to Polyfest this year.
Hip Hoorah :)
And I have Miss Druitt's mobile number on my phone.
How.... odd. But she's fantastic and at least now I dont have
to go on a massive manhunt around the school for her anymore :)
And also, now I FINALLY am at that stage where I can have
a decent conversation with Racheal.
Always knew her as 'That girl who lives on my road and is my
good friend's friend but I have no guts to talk to her even though
she looks awesometastically cool and says Hi to me sometimes."
And cool she is.
I mean, DAYUM. This year was her 3rd at Parachute.
ugh jealous.

School. school. school.
My head is too consumed with these thoughts to blog
about anything else.
Dull I know, and Im sorry. haha
But my school is truly a wonderful place.
Especially if you have Mr Lloyd as your Calculus teacher,
and he still remembers you from Year10 because you still sit
in the same seat, but have changed your glasses, which he has also
noticed and pointed out.

And I would continue about our free periods and sheeeet
in which we are allowed to waste our valuable time
sipping tea out of porcelain mugs in a quaint little cafe along
Nuffield Street in..... ..
But my back is aching from doing 60 weight-thingama-blobbins
on the Swiss Ball, and from sitting here for too long.
So until next time. :)

And stay fit, people!

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