Wednesday, February 10, 2010

pish posh.

Hit the gym today for the first time since Fri..
sorrrrry Cityfitness.
And dayum I hate the fact that I seem to have
deteriorated in terms of stamina
cause I just glanced at the treadmill today,
and practically fainted.
So my usual 15 minute run was probably out of the questiooon..
And even worse, having your trainer that you've been
trying to avoid for so long finally catch up to you
and see you exercising on the least challenging
piece of equipment in the gym..
Dont lie James. I saw that look on your face.
(He's going to torture me again next Monday. shit.)

But yes, before this self inflicted torture,
I took Eden down to Newmarket to show her around,
so she could walk down by herself next time
if she needed anything important.
And haaaah!
Guess who we saw on the side of the road by the electricity generator,
holding a King size bar of Cadbury's Black Forest..
Yes, Rhys.
Last year, me and Shanay were walking to the dairy while discovering
him in the exact same place, at the exact same time..
also with a King sized Cadbury's Black Forest.
Lol does anyone spot a pattern here?
Or maybe I'm just weird cause I pick people up
off the side of the streets and start talking animatedly to them
and then eat their food. :D
He prattled on as usual and Eden, whos only met him for the first time,
thought he was on drugs.
But then again, whats new? haha.
Oh well. At least now I can give him his postcard on Friday.

Okay. back to Eden.
Neways, I managed to convince her to buy some food to take
back to her room in the hostel, seeing as they serve food that
probably (how do I put this nicely) isn't to her normal fancy.
hem hem.
So yes, now she has some snacks that can keep her going till
nighttime I guess.
Poor thing. :(
Its like I want to help, but I dont know how to.
At least she's going to live with her Aunt this weekend for the
New Year, and there she'll be looked after properly.
To Premjit, Scott, Shelly Belly and all those people back home,
yes I'm taking good care of her. I think. loool. :)
She's fitting in just fine, arent you Eden?

Nothing to do here for the New Year.
This sucks.
Video call me someone?
By the way Scott, please say Hi and Happy CNY to
Miss Lim for me. :)
Thanks dude.

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