Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I simply cannot do it, alone.

Quoting the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones
as Velma Kelly in Chicago, I honestly can't
do it alone. Any more.
I'm cracking under all this pressure.

Malaysian Group used to be my pride and joy,
its like something priceless in which everyone
involved had special ties with each other,
unbreakable bonds formed over hours and hours
of tireless practice..
But it seems like I've broken this tradition.

In my so-far short stint at being the leader of this
wonderful group of girls, I've already managed to
upset many people who were once faithful followers
but have now turned their backs on us,
and this is my fault.
Im sorry.
I honestly am doing my very best, and I'm absolutely
sure you have no idea how much I'm bringing to the plate,
and yet you blame me for unappreciating you over the one
task I've delegated to you.
You blame me for being callous and disorganised,
but behind the scenes, I am the one working, staying up
late worrying about whether we will fundraise enough
money to cover our large expenditure this year,worrying about
worrying whether our fundraising will even be profitable at all
given the nasty Auckland weather and ever growing
number of new cultural groups in EGGS, worrying whether
we will have a polised dance to perform in 2.5 weeks in front
of hundreds or end up disapponting, worrying about how
to please our less than easy to please teacher-in-charge.
You guys have driven her to a point where she's considered quitting.
This is NOT an exaggeration.
I'm not saying this just to back myself up.

Miss Druitt, bless her soul,
has been more than understanding about this,
not even pinning any blame on anyone as she
could easily have done.
I'm sorry that you guys made up the decision to leave
the group, but after talking to some others,
we have all agreed that this is the best way to
go about it seeing as you refuse to let go.

So thank you especially to
Caitie Cissy and Cleo for supporting me
when she was so inconsiderate to me,
thank you for putting up a fair argument with her.
And last but not least, Thank you Miss Druitt
for never failing to believe in me, and for not
doubting me. ever. Thank you also for checking up
on me in the evening just to make sure I was okay.
I really appreciate your fairness but no-nonsense attitude
which helped sort this out once and for all.

And now I guess, everything's back to normal.
Firendship ties were broken, but as Miss Druitt would say,
this brings the true standout personalities in your committee
closer together. :)

and cause I'm immature and stubborn...
we've found your replacement already. :P
and this girl is more than ready to prove herself
to us, and is already warmly welcomed by all 11 committee members.
So take that.
Resilience, baby.

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