Monday, March 29, 2010

Penny for your thoughts.

Since end Feb, I've been M.I.A. thanks to Malaysian group.
Ha. But its okaaaaay!
Cause all of us, well all of us minus Peaty,Sam and Nu,
had a much needed catch-up sesh/shopping feist todaaay. lol
(Cornwall Park School Fair.)

So my day started at 9.45..
And what do I wake up to?
Emily's frantic knocking at my door lol.
Cause I was supposed to be up at 9.30
waiting for her... (wince.)
I slide open my window, slurring
"zzzEmilyzz I justzz woke up." (pathetic smile follows.)
tread downstairs and open the door ever so slighty.
"But I'm in my jammies emily!" I protest.
-sigh, okay.-
so STOMPSTOMPSTOMP goes emily into my room.
"emily i'm tired. i hate you. you woke me up."
-sigh okay.-

So two minutes and no breakfast for Debbie later,
we were off.
"You know I hate you Em."
"Its okay cause you'll be saying you love me when we get there."
And we waited in eager anticipation for the hall doors to
be opened along with the other 500 people in the queue..
Gawd, what is it with people and clothes for under $10??
So yes. The doors did finally open and it was like a rampage.
But thats what you expect when there's a SCHOOL HALL FULL
So yes. Grabbed 2 blazers, a brand new NZ musicmonth
top for $15.
So regret not buying the waffle knit sweather.
When I went back for it, it was goooone.
=___= damn you, hobo!
And Emi got 2 vests and 2 tops for..
Arent school fairs amazzzzing?
(And I will totally steal that black lace vest off you.)

And we got FUDGE, russian fudge.
Ahhh. so heavenly. Although it was a little too vanilla-y.
And chocolate fudge.
And sushi. Yum ;)
And spring rolls.
And hot chips upon my insistence!
oh yeah. And a communal Sprite that
had to go 5 ways. lol poor Annabel.

And Jessi got the MEANEST soft toys..
massive happy feet thing. and like a cuddlebuddy
killer whale. and a fat cat (which was of course the highlight.)
for $7 :]
And then we got awesome beaded bracelets YAY!
so cute, so elementary school. and they were 3 for $1.
And I swear my orange one has an Ikea bead.
Ah, childhood memories flood back.
Good on you, little girl who made my bracelet!

Then everyone came back to my house and crashed.
And apparently I'm an Asian mum in training
cause I tried to stuff everyone with food.
"Would you like some doritos?"
"No, we'll tell you when we're hungry."
"Okay. But seriously, would you like some doritos?
or how bout some asian candy? Ice cream? No? oh. okay."
And Jessi fell in love with PATD all over again after seeing
my box set. Now I feel horrid for
showing it such little looooove.

So Yes. Awesome day.
Plus photos..!


1. Emi, Annie :) my beautifuls.
2. Emi jumps. Annie's epic photo-bombing skills. :D
And yes, there are more photos..
I just cant be bothered uploading them. heh.
But picture 2 was the pic of the day.
Still cant stop cracking up everytime we see it ;D
they're on my FB page if you insist on seeing them.
All photos taken with(or by) Stanley, my Canon EOS 500D. :3

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