Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You'll bore from reading this, I assure you.

I think I need to go to Rehab for implusive spending.
I've JUST realised that I've managed to spend hundreds
on just clothes.. and it was only in a span of 3 days.
Next week I'll probs get paid my $150 from the school..
and I'm not looking forward to it cause I'll probs end
up spending it all in one go ;X
-I tried the not bringing my EftPos out with me trick..
It doesnt work.-

But some of that money spent was well worth it..
Its going towards a MASSIVE parcel thingy
I'm posting out to my girl Helena.. cause I've been
REALLY REALLY naughty and not replied her
mail since last Sept maybe?
:X again.. SO SORRY!
I hope this makes up for that.. heh.
I would put up pics of the two of us..
but the only ones I have atm are of us during our
stage. so NO. not keen on letting you guys see
what an uglywugly kiddo I was.
Ugg. shudder. HA.

Sorrry. This post was VERY pointless.
I'm just bored.
And procrastinating...
Physics test tomorrow EGADS.
AND OH! Polyfest in a week-ish.
Cant decide if its a good thing or no.
Last year was extremely fun but I have a feeling
this year isnt going to be the saaaaaaaaame...
A woman's gut instict.

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