Thursday, November 19, 2009

Eiffel For This Colour.

So, as you all know, I'm a nail polish addict.
Haha. wear it everywhere, even when its illegal
such as at work, and at school. hahaha :D
Well, recently I've been introduced to O.P.I.
nail polishes... and well lets say it was love at first sight.
haha. They've got such a massive range of colours,
and YES, every colour shows up as it does in the bottle.
(So concentrated!! None of that cheap diluted shit.)

Yeah well, I've been looking for the perfect dark plum/maroon
shade for agggggesss, but they never seem to have the exact shade I want... Weird, I know right? its OPI.
But all that changed... TODAY. at exactly 5.02 in Farmers.
Its called Black Cherry Chutney.
And here's what it looks like.


I KNOW RIGHTTTTT? Isnt it beautiful?
Deep plum with purple shimmer.
:) drooool.
(those arent my nails/hand btw. haha)
Sighhhh. My life shall never be the same again.
And I'll probs wear this colour till I'm 45 or something. xD
Its actually from the India collection which was
released either end 2008 or beginning 09...
Thank GOD New Zealand is very good at being a
year late on all new trends/ranges. HAHA.
Otherwise I wouldve never meet this beauty.

And now, to stop by every single Farmers and lap
up all their Black Cherry Chutney :D

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