Saturday, November 21, 2009

Home is where the heart food is.

Yes. This is exactly how the saying goes
for us Malaysians out there. heh.
Take any Malaysian out anywhere, and the
first thing they'll say is
"Eh.. when we go eat arrr?"
Teehee. Guilty as charged.

So well, today me and my mummy
were at Sylvia Park doing some last minute shopping..
(I know right.. my exam's tomorrow. haha)
And then we got hungry.
So we went to the foodcourt... cause I was extremely low on cash.
And this person on the table next to us was chomping on a
massive plate of CHAR KWAY TEOW from Chilli Padi.
And it looked sooooooooooo good.


When I ordered it, they asked me how spicy I wanted it.
LOOOOL isn't that so coooool?
Normally Malaysian restaurant either pile on the chilli oil,
making it overly spicy and gross.
And others dont even put any chilli oil in it,
making it plain bland and salty. =___=
So they scored points there.
And the person who served me had an awesome as Malaysian slang.
"Tree minit arr!" hehehehehehehehehe.
True to her word, my Kuay Teow arrived in 3 minutes.
And it was So. Bloody. Delicious.
Salty, and spicy enough.
And just the right amount of burnt bits in it too. LOL.
(and prawns. and beansprouts. and chinese sausages. and spring onion.)
Yum. It was sooooooo authentic.
And there was soooo much of it, so worth $10.

As a conclusion, the best Kway Teow,
(in my entire lifespan actually.)
hands down,
goes to Chilli Padi, Sylvia Park.
All Kiwi-Malaysians who miss home food,
rush there.. NOW.
And to think I used to discriminate against foodcourt-foods.
haha. Never againnnn.

Ahh. I'm homesick.

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