Saturday, November 14, 2009

Winter Wonderland... meh. Who Am I Kidding?

Kay well.
As you guys may or may not know, I'll be leaving
to Malaysia/Europe in late November till early January 2010.
We'll be stopping over at KL first for about a week,
then HAMSTERdam (sorry couldn't resist.), then Paris,
then Switzerland (I'm not even going to try name the place we're going.), then POSSIBLY England or Prague.
(I'll be going with my lovely mommeh and daddeh. and my little cousin Ryan.
teehee. he's cool.)
Then after Europe is AroundTheWorldIn80Days-ed,
we shall be back in Miri for about a week before leaving for Auckland.
Sigh. All I know is that this is going to be one loooooooooong holiday.

First of all,
i HATE planes with a passion.
(the diesel-ish smell is nauseating. plane food is disgusting.
need me to elaborate further?)

Second of all,
its SUMMER in NZ and MALAYSIA then bloody 0 degrees in Europe.
I have Hayfever/Sinus issues..
and extreme climate change isnt good for my skin either.
I get maaaaaaaaaaajor rashes.

Arts and Cultural Committee training camp is being held during this time.
There goes my chance of being a prefect. :(

So I had a little attemp at packing for Europe..
found myself getting incredibly frustrated. lol


Winter Inventory
1x Gangsta as A&F fur hoodie (faux fur of course. dont kill animals just so you can be warm and cuddly :/)
1x Big Fat Puffer Jacket that makes me look like the Michelin Man.
2x Pairs of Jeans.
1x JimJams. Actually just cotton top and black leggings. lol im lazzzzy.
1x Paramore Decode Beanie. (YAAAAAAY! haha yes. I've had it since March. Never known what to do with it though... until today that is.)
and thats about it. lol.
(oh and i think there's a trench coat in there somewhere.)
i cant actually fit ANYTHING else in there. -___-
lol eww. I'll have to wear the same things over and over again.

And on the OTHER hand... (or other side of the zipper, rather.)


Summer Inventory
2x Pair Of Tights. (intended to wear in Winter.
just didnt fit on the other side of the suitcase -___-)
2x Shorts. (YUSSSS! havent worn shorts since ages. still nippy here in NZ)
1x Sequinned Leopard Print Skirt. (oh shush. i love sequins way too much for my own good. lol AND leopard print! haha)
1x Extremely thin cardi. (so i wont sweat while walking out and about, but wont freeze in shopping malls.)
2x Dresses. Just in case we go for a nice breakfast/dinner/lunch/brunch/ you get the idea. (hint.SYNYI.ATHIRA.SCOTT. hint.xD)
15,000x T shirts. LOL. Well actually only like 6. (see how the top one's leopard print??? hehehehehe.)

Yeah. see the contrast there?
I'll probs just have to wear the same thing every day in Europe.
and smell like a homeless bum.
Just blame my minuscule suitcase. haha.
But yeah. that sucks. Cause my suitcase already weighs a lot.
:( and thats not good cause it means I wont be able to buy
as much stuffffffff... (which is what a holiday is REALLY about.

Sigh. I guess I'll just have to put all my new stuff in Ryan's luggage bag.
Hem. yes.
But yeah.
Here's me wishing everyone a lovely Xmas and A Happy New Year.
lol. early. I know right. haha
but still, since we were talking about it, i thought i might as well... ...

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