Tuesday, October 20, 2009

.... and all that jazz

Kay well. We all know that next year's
AGS/EGGS production is the Sound Of Music, no?


Auditions were held recently, and I went to the one held yesterday.
I mean, why not.
Its going to be my last year.
Might as well try out, cause it would suck if I regretted after.
(looool I regret not trying out for The Mikado. sososososososo much!)
Yeah. so I tried out for the part of Liesl with Anya,
both of us being each other's waltzing partner.


(Tis Liesel and Rolf mid-waltz.)
When we finally got called in for the audition,
I started freaking out and just had a complete mindblank,
and Abby had to feed me the line I forgot.
Miss Druitt looked so disappointed, :(
made me feel bad.
She puts too much high hope on me.
I don't deserve it.
Seriously, I couldn't help going
"Sorrrrrrrry Miss!"
Hah. I know right.
There's my supporting role gone down the gutter.
But I think Anya/Kelila have very good chances at getting Liesl,
so YAY :)
I couldn't expect fairer competition.
But at least my singing and teeny weeny bit of waltzing went well,
so I've got my fingers crossed for chorussssss...

Just thinking to myself though..
We've been doing such out-there productions
for the past three years, it came as a bit of a shock
to everyone really when the Sound Of Music was
announced as the produciton next year.
Its great and all, but isnt it just so cliche??
All the teachers are groaning in utter frustration at this.
haha. especially Mr Kirkham. Quite funny really.
(Well Sir its not your fault that youre better looking
than all the other teachers, why wouldnt anyone come
up to you for waltzing lessons?)

Me and Monica were just brainstorming in Calc today,
and we came up with a partial list of musicals that would
simply be AWESOME to do.



Need we say more?
Everyone knows at least ONE of the songs off this phenomenal musical.
Heck, we wouldnt care if we didnt get proper roles.
As long as we get to take part in the CELL BLOCK TANGO,
we would've died and gone to heaven

Cell Block tango-EPIC.


This is probably the weirdest yet most influential musical
of this time and age.
and its just plain aaaaaaaaaaaaamazing :]
and characters like the one in the movie
will never ever ever ever be recreated.
can you just imagine the entire audience doing the time warp?
That would be cool :]
yet unfortuantely we have no say in matters such as these.
And besides, these plays are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
too R16. lol. we can't scar little kiddies for life!
"I'm just a sweet transvestite, from transexual Transylvannia!"
Yeah, no.
And thats all for now.
Until the time warps ;]

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