Thursday, October 15, 2009


Here I am again, sincerely apologising for the lack of posting..
school is extremely stressful right now.
not to mention the fact that im practically failing everything.
and my art design folio board is due in 2 weeks...
-Procrastination is now officially a SIN.-

I cant actually believe how much work I'm behind on
in pretty much all my subjects (minus English and Physics.),
I mean WHAT THE HELL have i been doing these 9 months?
ugh. I guess its a wee bit late to have a epiphany now, but I
cant help but regret neglecting most of my schoolwork for whatever
reason I did, which has obviously reflected in my exam grades.
hohoho, lets not even go there.
But I guess I can treat it as a wake-up call of some sort,
and at least i still have around 30 days to cram-study
for the NCEA.

Which is why I'm making it a point to lock myself up in
my room without my phone/ipod or laptop (exception TODAY! haha)
and actually immerse myself in studying. (or at least trying.)
Hope its not too late to save my sorry arse.**

and to everybody out there,
sorry for the grumpiness and antisocial-ness you're going
to have to deal with for about a month.
And lack of posting, probs.
I sincerely apologise.
If I could, I would rewind the clock and start all over again.
But now I'm just going to have to deal with the consequences.
Life is shit.

(regarding the whole dont procrastinate on Art Design theory.)

Till next time.

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