Saturday, April 10, 2010

Penchant for the weird&quirky

Hello hello again!
Sorry for being away for so long,not that anyone cares..
Its Easter break, and I've been spending it talking to and hanging
out with real people like a normal person does. :]
And it feels GREAT.

Spent most of today with George and Sharon,
watching dodgey musicals as we do.
I swear, its completely coincidental..
We just honestly DO end up watching perverted musicals. LOVELOVE.
(Love how intimidating and awkward it gets for Sharon. HA!
but now its becoming our tradition, as is PIZZA!
But seriously, how else would you spend a beautiful
saturday but with your two favourite
dysfunctional people watching other people getting
naked/throats' being slit in musicals?
OH. and also playing Halo 3.
George, I sincerely apologise for accidentally killing you so many times. :x

Best part of the day,
kneeling down and cracking up laughing...
and then George was like -pause- CACKLECACKLE "MUUUTANT! ;]
But george, as you know is a mutant too, or as she proudly puts it
"I'm the RAREST of the RARE!" she gloats.
This is because she has Heterochromia,
meaning she has two differently coloured eyes,
in which, blue and brown eyes tend to occur more often.
In George's case, she has a green and a brown eye,
which is EXTREMELY rare.
Hence her gloating rights.
Oh well. all the better to do her spastic expression with.
And then there's me.
They both agree I have a sick mutated mind.
case in point : Ive watched Sweeney Todd many many MANY
times. and I love it. And in other movies I YELL
which is greeted by concerned glances by the pair.
:D so yes.
We ALL belong in a circus.

Also, watched Clash of The Titans today.
If it weren't for my dad who dragged me there,
I wouldn't pay to see it.
Its just like every other movie in its genre..
Also I feel like it ripped off bits from its predecessors,
Hero.. blabla...Three witches...blabla..Prophecies... Um hello? Shakespeare's Macbeth much??
BUT I got a pleasant suprise when the Argoi warriors
were gathering and one of them was like "This is a suicide mission."
(or something along those lines.)
(aka. Tony Stonem off Skins.)
and then the Argoi princess was
being compared to Aphrodite, blabla..
and DING! Her maid-in-waiting, KAYA SCODELARIO! :] :]
(aka. Effy Stonem off Skins.)
And if you dont know already, they're my fave
Skins characters. Minus Maxxie of course.
So that made my daaaaaay!
Except Nic's character is a WIMP. :[
and Kaya's character only gets like 15 seconds airtime.
But she looks BEAUTIFUL. and he doesn't look half bad in a skirt and braids.
Good to see them again though, seems like its been so long!
-skins season 4! skins season 4!-

The most beautiful, yet self-destructive
brother-sister team ever♥

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