Friday, April 23, 2010

Tragic, really.

I've promised myself to do well this year, haha.
Last year for me was just too much bumming around
- not taking 6th form seriously, deliberately
skipping classes, not going to exams...
Yeah. Not good year, and I paid the price for it.
barely scraping by with Merit was the wake up call I needed..
Most of the credits came from internals..
Thats how shockingly useless I got halfway through the year.

So yes, this school year's off to a good start-ish.
I'm not HATING my subs...
I say I hate Art Design, but I secretly like it. LOL
In fact, I procrastinated BY doing art design..
because who wants to be studying when you can be spending
three hours drawing/outlining/painting
a Louis Vuitton shoe?
And classics is semi-easy..
Just have to remember what Miss Lomax explains..
and Physics.. My god. I'm starting to learn
the wonders of actually listening to the teacher..
Its taken me three years to perfect the art of doing it, lol.
The whole me-george-sharon physics class thing
was PROBABLY too ditsracting for our own good. haha.
Except George always comes out smelling like a bed of roses.
You lucky child. Well she actually works very hard..
Unlike me.. ... ...
Hence, my tomorrow (Saturday) shall NOT
be spent in Newmarket having coffee in Cova with Anusha,
then proceeding to Decjuba to drool over clothes and put them
on hold until I get paid, then proceed to Nuffield Street to put
grossly overpriced stuff on layby, hence burying myself deeper
in debt, hence eating more than I have burnt off,
hence becoming PHAT.
Life is a mean cycle, is it not?

So, my goals for tomorrow (in whatever order)
-Gym workout (2 hours MIN.)
-Buy Nail Polish Remover
-Change my nail colour
-More art design.
-Write up Physics report
-Chemistry balanced equations.

Also, if I'm a very well behaved tomorrow I shall do
my Calculus assignment and Chem Problem Sheet 3 as well.
And then maybe I can reward myself with some
icecream while I watch Supernatural ;)
Also, I'm quite liking how my art design mood board is turning out,
I'll post a few pics maybe when its ready?
Until then! xxx

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