Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's in the blood.

Never thought Year 13 life would be this EXPENSIVE lol.
priveledges = free periods/more freedom = Cafe/Newmarket.
LOL. Its a terrible cycle.
Mondays mean free periods from 11.05 to 2.15,
which results in us all shifting to newmarket,
then having foodcourt food or a $7 Tank, then going shopping
(depending on the person; Ashley-jewelry shopping,
Gabby-MAC shopping, Anusha-Clothes shopping etc.)
Or sitting at the cafes with our $5-6 mochas/berry smoothies
with passionfruit&yoghurt cupcakes or brownies.
Do you see the pattern? LOSE-LOSE situation for Debbie. ALWAYS.

I think I should attend like a shopaholics anonymous,
or like hire a consultant to advise me about my spendings.
Its APE. Ape I tell you, APE.
I even tried banning myself from leaving school during my frees,
and only being allowed to go to the gym after..
And yet, mysterious purchases still end up in my bag.
GRR. I truly am my father's daughter.
Though, try to dispose of my cards and I will eat you alive.

Step in, anyone?

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