Saturday, May 1, 2010

Much a-do about everything.

Spent the better half of today in newmarket,
as one does, with Emily and Rhys.
(which was a chance meeting really. He ditched his
buddies when he saw us. HA. what an honour.)

And upon his insistence, we stopped by numerous
stores, namely Suprette, (NOT TO BE MISTAKEN FOR SUPRE.)
ParisTexas, Harlem 23, Qubic, Method. LOL right?
This guy has good style. I'm pleasantly surprised.
[Have I mentioned his brand new black Pleather jacket is lust worthy?
Its got a built in forest green hood and its beautifffful.]
"hey guys, look awesome Supra high tops. What do you think?
Purple or - "
"PURPLE." - is my reply. :D
And there's this really cool hatscarf Emily wants.

And he gets mighty excited cause he finds the magazine he's wanted for ages.
It looked mighty cool, so I snatched it from him.
"Black magazine?" flipping to cover.
"Nope. Vice. AND ITS FREE!" he says, stealing it back.
He's tyring to look for the subscription bit, you see.
So he's flipping through one end, and I'm flipping through
the other, and then LOANDBEHOLD

A THREE PAGE! interview with the man himself, Karl Lagerfeld,
Fashion Icon. Intellect. Genius.
So I was like -POINT- "RHYS. I WANT THIS MAG!"
Then he's like "Yeah well. look what I found."

"I want a subscription form and here's what I get. MMM my favourite!"

Well the lady wouldn't give us the mag cause it was the only copy.
But she then said that Qubic would have loads.
So off we went.
But alas no luck, so off we go with heavy hearts.
-insert long in-depth three way convo about Indie youth culture
lifestyle magazines, tattoos, hobos, making holes on blazers
with cigarette butts and indie fashion&music here-

We walk past Method and I'm like
"Guys, pitstop?"
And Emily nods, but Rhys must go pick up his bike.
So we make plans for tomorrow then bid him farewell.
We walk into the store and I grab a Federation catalougue,
And the girl that worked there was like
"Oh, would you guys like to grab this magazine as well?"
-Turns around a magazine with a Huffer ad on its back to
show us the cover.-

LOL. Well you see Me and Em have a flair for the arts,
so of course we pull out our GASP.OMG.WTF. faces.
Lol we're like scrambling out of the store,
magazines in hand screaming at him all the way
on the other side of the road.
Emily turns around to the girl and is like
"Wait, we'll be backkk! he just wants this!!"
And Rhys has this bewildered look on his face cause he's trying
not to get killed by a car while crossing the road, you see.
And we're flailing our arms and screaming
And thank god he's known us for long enough to
decipher what we're shrilly screaming at him.
So he comes running back.
"YUSSSS! LOVE YOU GUYS." hugs us goodbye, kisses the mag, salutes at the store assistant and leaves.
By this time the store assistant is in a massive laughing fit.
Pleasure to have entertained you today. lol.
Also, I think I have met my match in terms of being
Out-Shopped and basking in novelty. He bought 3 clothing items today,
(including that awesome hooded jacket that I have my eye on.)
two of which he changed into STRAIGHT AFTER he bought them.
HA. you're such a girl sometimes. :]

And Yes. This is how we waste our uneventful lives.
Though, it truly is an awesome magazine.
Its style is very distinct, sorta grunge but not.
Gawd its hard to explain.
Rhys and Emi had one word to summarise the name of this sorta lifestyle but I forgot it. NOTE TO SELF : ask them tomorrow.
veryveryvery good photographyy and layout.
Also vulgar, just the way I like it. HA.
Its a SIX PAGE interview with Karl Lagerfeld!
And i thought 3 pages was a lot.
Ahhhhhhhh. my life is complete.
I only wish I were as intelligent and witty as he is.

Vice : "Why do you still fax? Nobody faxes anymore. You're like the only person with a fax machine!"
Karl :
"People I'm really friendly with have faxes. Anna Wintour has one. We speak via fax. In Paris I send letters to people. I have somebody to deliver letters all over every day."

:3 NAWW!


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