Monday, May 3, 2010

Follow your heart.

If I were to be buried in an outfit I chose,
This would be it.♥♥
On the prowl for the perfect sparkly skirt, and deep grey stain blazer.

Also, BEST study period ever = 2 hours library time with Anusha today.
Homework serves merely as distraction,
we're singing ABBA, The Killers, Phantom of The Opera,
The Beatles and Blue at the top of our lungs to her iPod,
not giving a BULLCRAP about the strange looks we're receiving.
I cannot believe I STILL CRY everytime I hear Hey Jude.
Its terribly embarrasing, but my god. Such a beautiful song.
;) Its these special moments that truly make me appreciate our time
together, and you need to know I LOVE♥ YOU more than you know chica :]
Also, I'm dusting off all my oldskool Blue and ABBA CDs. BWAHAHAHAHA.
We're cool like that.

"And say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime,
Let me lead you from your solitude..." - All I Ask Of You, PhantomOfTheOpera.

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