Saturday, July 17, 2010

The wonderful wizard of Oz

Hellllo blogosphere!
I'm back from Sydney, which was much fun
even if I have to admit it myself. heh.
Wicked was, without a doubt, amazing.
The 3 minutes of Defying Gravity was unreal,
like I was actually in my seat crying cause she was THAT good.
Wicked was actually really funny, to my surprise,
its a refreshing change from the other dramatic plays I've seen.
If you get a chance at any stage of your life, do go see it!
Trust me, its the best i've seen so far.
(I'm sorry Chicago, but Wicked takes the lead!)

And while in Sydney,I did much [window] shopping,
just to scope out the genereal 'style' of youngsters,
and its clean, simple yet edgy, almost indie even..
Like oh i dont know how to say, like..
like Kate Moss off-duty?
Much simple silhouettes and monochromatic colours
(but then again. this might be due to the winter season),
so basically nothing ground breaking that anyone hasnt seen before,
but pretty much just different pieces working cohesively together.
Sydney-ites are very fashion concious, and are readily
following the international trends, like much Khaki green was seen
as well as leather and trenches, much like the leather and military style
sported on the f/w 2010 catwalks of fashion power houses like
Burberry, Karl Lagerfeld, Alex Wang etc.

Whats not to love? :)

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