Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Okay, so I've blown my montly internet capacity from watching too many TV shows online...
(FINISHED all 4 seasons of Dexter!!!! hohohoho.)
So yes.. no massive photo-post from me today.

Emi, Jessi and I were walking into Newmarket today when Emi's like "Before I was born, everyone expected me to be a boy and I was about to become a Jack." Which got us all thinking -
What would we be like if we were guys?
Emi thinks that he(JACK) would be a flambouyant gay guy who calls himself JayJay or Jackie - though we beg to differ. Em/Jack would be too straight to be gay! Though, I must say, the thought of having a gay friend is very tempting. THINK OF ALL THE BITCHING&SHOPPING WE COULD BE DOING! -I envision every gay guy to be Marc off Ugly Betty though, so don't mind me.
And Jessi says if she were a boy, she'd be the cool nerd - like she'd fit in with cool people, but all she'd (HE'D??!!) want to be doing is sitting at home and playing games. Sound like marbert? haha.
I couldn't come up with anything for the masculine version of myself, save Asian nerd. lol. how creative. But Emi and Jessi think I'd be a cool Asian street dancer, much into The Jabbawockees and The Poreotics( EEEEEEEEEE :] ) and that I'd date Rachel Soh and "do those weird funky cool things with my hands" (Jessi tries to demonstrate, flaps arms around, lol.) Hem Hem, It's called tutting, Jessi. BUT UM!! Does this not sound like someone we already know (okay, minus the dating Rach part, cause that would be bizarre...), JAE WU! Yes, I'd rather like to be like him, actually.
As for Annie, that was easy, haha. She'd be the mama's boy who'd help make dinner everynight and still kisses his mum goodnight - but has a deep dark secret and a rebellious side.
Peaty, well uh, she'd just... ... still be Peaty. HOHOHO. Oh she's funny.
But yeah, my fake life is so much more exciting than my current one. Gladly swap please.

NZ fashion week is in about a month!
Its not nearly as big as any other international fashion week,
but hey, NZ designers have their charm.
Though I'm not going to see any shows, I'm excited to hear about
local designers' collections for next year's F/W!
Got high hopes for a BEAUTIFUL show from Sera Lily,
and nothing less than spectacular from Stolen Girlfriends.
Nearly forgot about Karen Walker!
Not a big fan, but I'll give her some props,
she always manages to make some of the best collections around.
Also wish Sass&Bide was local. SIGH.

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