Sunday, August 22, 2010

So, how many mews?

I'm sorry, what? No social life until exams?
Didn't come out of my mouth.
Had the best time opshopping, flipping through fashion magazines,
catching up with Arna today!
Just realised that I never knew how much I missed the good times we used to have.
I just think its funny how with some people, you just feel so judged and misunderstood,
and then there's people that you just happen to be COMPLETELY in sync with, and oh its an amazing feeling.
(our "MIUMIU!" and "OHMYGOSH. I've never touched an Alexander Wang before!" moments.)
You're as odd as I am, Arna! :)
Thank you for an amazing day and for all that fashion talk.

And dedicated to you, here's The MiuMiu post I promised! :)
First of all, some eye candy:

To this day, Miu Miu S/S 2010 collection is imprinted in my mind,
I can't stop thinking about it, can't stop wanting every piece in the collection.
I can't put my finger on why it's just so perfect -
perhaps its the cohesiveness of the entire collection,
perhaps the fact that we learn not to be shy with wearing more than one print,
perhaps its the way it's so different from every other collection we've seen,
Oh it's sheer magic.

In the more recent F/W collection :
Miuccia's genius is apparent once again, and is present within the cohesiveness
of the collection.

Consisting of structured, simple, block coloured wool dresses
with matching floral embellishments, this collection takes the prize.
(May be a little biased that black orange and purple are my more favoured colours. haha)
Extremely wearable and versatile, winter is bound to be a fashionable one!
Also, THOSE dresses (far right, top picture) are the shift dresses of the season;
so coveted that THREE different magazines put them on their covers!

Freja Beha, Eva Mendez, Lily Allen : Looking good in Miu Miu
Once again, Miuccia, you've done it again.


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